A PR girl knows best! The how-to of Public Relations.

Keep up with the Current Events

Be the first to know any breaking news in your industry. Follow news outlets on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… etc. Read press releases online so you always know what is going on.

Be persistent

Rejection and criticism are very common in this industry. Being told “no” is just the beginning. Remember, you will hear hundreds of no’s before you get that one yes. Persistence is key!

Networking, Network, Network!

It is crucial to build connections and maintain them with other industry professionals. This can be done through social media. Attend conferences and join professional groups. There are so many great things that can come from these connections, especially if you’re looking for a job or internship.

Make Sure to have some “Me Time”

Your job can be very stressful, so it is important to balance work and personal time. Take time for yourself to de-stress. I personally suggest working out on daily basis and making it part of your lifestyle.

Multitask, but Stay Organized

It is very important to stay organized while multitasking. There will be days when you will be juggling several things, or even more than one client, at once. Stay on top of things with as little stress as possible. Make sure you have the tools to help you, such as a calendar, alarm reminders or a to-do check list.

Be the Diplomat

You will throw ice water on too many hot situations, mostly heated by emotions and hurt feelings. Whether it’s with co-workers, vendors or clients, you will need to talk people down. You will have people call you ready to scream and you will have to put on your sweetest voice and explain the situation calmly and take care of all the little details to make them feel better.

Do it yourself

If you want things to be done right and exactly how you want it to be, you have to do it yourself. Unfortunately, this is the case. As long as you have it perfectly set in your head, it has to be done that way one way or another. And no one will do it the exact way you want it to be. So be ready to do anything.

Always look professional!

What you wear reflects on you. So don’t take the easy way to look just fine. You have to look beautiful and professional. Of course it’s the job that counts eventually,, but looking professional is half the job. Dressing properly and professionally motivates you to work hard and encourages you to give your best; hence reflecting professionalism when going into a new meeting.

Keep it interesting!

Always have interesting promos, news, and fun facts to share with the public. You don’t want to sound traditional and use traditional ways to get your news to reach the public.

Be A Philanthropist

Always think of ways to make the world a better place. Look for opportunities to give as an entity and make a difference, not just think of return on investments and promotions to an entity. Instead, go for a more selfless approach. Create new relations with charitable organizations.







Nairy Hagopian 

Public Relations Manager at Dusit Thani Lake View Cairo Hotel 

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