Current Note

Almost 18 months since the revolution and we are back to square 1 and even worse. The once united front is now broken down into groups, religions, ideologies and opinions. Where will we go from here? Nowhere. Divided we will face complete darkness. The key word is tolerance and embracing the diversity that makes Egypt such a beautiful country. Yes, we are different, but difference is good. It is what makes us cosmopolitan in our very own special way. Tolerance and empathy is what we need plenty of, and it goes both sides. Don’t fear the man with the beard as long as he doesn’t fear the woman with the voice and the bare shoulder. We must find a way to live together in peace and co-exist. Faith and trust in each other is a pre-requisite; without both we cannot move to the New Egypt we all dream of. Don’t be shallow, open up and widen your horizons. Sit, talk and discuss matters with people you don’t really meet every day. Stop labeling yourself and others and don’t let media lead you. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

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