Ten Things only a Mom of Twins Would Relate to

1- That awkward moment when you heard you were pregnant in twins, and all the thoughts that went through your head in a fraction of a second. For me, I couldn’t talk for hours! I suddenly found myself sinking in an endless train of thoughts that somehow diluted my excitement with the pregnancy itself for the first few weeks.

2- When you can abuse those around you using your incredibly huge tummy, because why not! If everyone feels sorry for you, you might as well make the best of it. During my late months of pregnancy, I stopped standing in queues. Whenever someone in line saw me, they would give me their turn.

3- Multiply everything by two “Edrab fi etneen”! Anything and everything a baby needs, you will get two of. Two car seats, two cribs, two stocks of diapers, two vaccinations, two nurseries, and the list goes on for life. Never forget the enormous diaper bag you move around with because you are carrying two babies’ needs. People would look at me as if I am crazy but, guys, I have twins; a boy and a girl, so I can’t even share their clothes.

4- That twin stroller that makes your life hell for the first few years. How many outings and trips were canceled because the stroller just wouldn’t fit? No matter how smart you are when choosing the brand, as soon as the kids grow up just a little and with that huge diaper bag, it is just a nightmare.

5- ME time? What are you talking about? With twins, you barely rest because they don’t necessarily eat and sleep at the same time. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till you fall asleep at night, you are in a merciless rollercoaster that ends with you wishing to start your “Me time” only to wake up to start a new day.

6- That fuming feeling you get when a mom of one baby starts complaining in front of you. I know that all mothers have endless tasks, but give me a break! You feed one, you shower one. I feed two and shower two. So no matter how tired you are, I am surely more exhausted.

7- When people start to play smart and draw your attention that they are late in teething, walking, talking and so on. No one wants to understand that this is normal for twins. They only catch up with other kids after they are 4 years old, so if anyone does that to you, please don’t get discouraged by any means.

8- Those crazy moments when you wish you could be an octopus, because only then you will be able to handle all the babies’ needs, as well as your house, work and own needs.

9- The way you look when you find something you have been looking for at the store, be it diapers, wipes, baby jars, you name it. I always used to get that look from the salespeople, like they thought I was insane because no one thinks I am buying this item for two babies. But I got over it by time.

10- Double the joy! The fact that, from day one, you have two super cute babies who grow up loving you and loving each other is simply priceless and worth all the effort and the hassle.

Having twins is a blessing, a very unique experience in all aspects. But with great opportunities come great responsibilities. So yes, it is hard, and sometimes it would feel very challenging just to get through the day, but try to enjoy it as much as you can so you don’t miss the fun part of it.

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