Technology Saves the Day! 6 Classic Egyptian Movies Solved with Technology

One of the many reasons we like old movies is because they remind us of a simpler time. Movie plots nowadays are so intricate and the leading character is always in such a tight situation that they just cannot escape. This is mainly due to the fact that technology makes the writing process difficult as the writer must find a way for their character to be stuck without the help of today’s technology. If you think about it, writers back in the day were lucky they didn’t have to consider cellphones, search engines and GPS; most of their plots would have been solved within minutes of the film’s start.


Ard El Nefaaq 



A simple broadcast text on Whatsapp would have saved everyone a whole lot of trouble in Ard El Nefaaq. Mas’oud would have told his wife and boss to not drink the water infused with honesty pills and voila! The funeral wouldn’t have been ruined!



Altareeq Ila Eilat



In the most suspenseful scene in the history of war films, we see Nabil El Halafawy trying to scratch a bigger hole in the explosives in order for them to work. The difficult, stressful and possibly  lethal job might have been made easier by a YouTube tutorial, which he would have gotten on his smartphone if only they existed back then.





Social media would have  come to the rescue in Dahab’s case. Facebook is great for causes like lost and/or abandoned children, and Dahab’s family  would have found her within months after Wahid would have shared her picture on his profile.



El Bedaya


Why start a new community when you can just get help right away? In the case of El Bedaya’s characters, their surreal journey would have been cut short because at least one of them would have had a phone from which they can send their location and be saved.



El Zoga 13


It’s common knowledge nowadays that if you are a womanizer, you must be extremely careful on Social Media, lest your lady friends find out about each other’s existence. El Zoga 13 would have been over the moment Aida adds Mourad on Facebook and see that his relationship status changed from married to single and vice versa 13 different times.



Be’ar El Herman


A cute, happy-go-lucky girl like Nahed would have had an Instagram account if it existed back then. She would post adorable pictures taken on her dates with her college boyfriend. Mirvette, on the other hand, would also most definitely have an Instagram account (the same account, since Instagram doesn’t facilitate multiple users), and would post pictures from here all-night clubbing in a sequined red dress and maybe each new guy she picks up. This would have caused alarm for Nahed’s followers, and her Multiple Personality Disorder would have been figured out within the first 15 minutes of the movie.

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