How Tara Emad responds to “inshallah elsana elgaya nftar f beitek”!

A promising young talent, Tara Emad is already going places and breaking out of her comfort zone this Ramadan.

Between college, family gatherings and work, how do you manage to maintain balance?

I work on my final submission on set and sometimes I fall asleep in college or in the car when I am not the one driving. My mom says I have this energy in me, and I never want to miss out on anything?

What is your character like in Lamii El Ott?

She is simple yet rich in terms of dialogue.  She is well educated but from a lower social class which was challenging for me. I had to talk to my friends in her language to get used to it.

How do you feel about working with the “Emams” more than once?”

I feel very blessed to have worked with them at the beginning of my professional career.  At first I was absolutely nervous but they helped comfort me.

On scale of 1 to Macarona Béchamel, how can Ramadan’s feasts screw up your healthy lifestyle?


Do you cook?

I make very good pastas and cream soups.

Do you ever watch your own TV series in Ramadan?

Not always, in our field whenever you watch your work, you are always wondering how you could have been better.

Classic Konafa or Mango Konafa…etc?

Definitely Mango Konafa.

What food can’t you eat before a fashion/modeling event?

I still get this stage fright so I have to have a good amount of protein, starch and carbohydrates, but I don’t eat heavy meals that would cause me stomach aches

Which Actor/actress do you wish to work with but haven’t got the chance yet? 

Ahmed Elsaa2a, Karim Abdelaziz, Nelly Karim and Yousra.

Do you get told things like “inshallah elsana elgaya nftar f beitek” (Hopefully next year we will have iftar at your home) at Ramadan feasts? And how do you respond?

All the time! I just laugh.

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