Tamer Habib:“We live in a male dominated society,believing that they hold the power”

Tamer Habib has strongly established himself as one of the most sought after screenwriters in Egypt. His abundant talent to capture human relations and create real characters that always hit a nerve has placed him in a league of his own. Apart from being in tune with himself and his emotions, Tamer Habib strikes us as this beautifully spirited human being, hence we were thrilled to have him on board with us telling it like it is.

In your opinion, how would you define manhood?

True manhood comes in a form of emotional support. Every woman needs a man to make her feel safe, loved and important, and that’s the true meaning of manhood being able to fulfill her emotional needs.

How does society define manhood?

We live in a male dominated society where men believe that they hold power over women.

Are there any false concepts or notions about manhood that we inherit?

We only inherit misconceptions and false notions about manhood, starting with the famous tagline “Men don’t cry”. Society is always trying to plant the idea that men are strong and that it would be a disgrace to show their vulnerability.

Do men cry? When was the last time you cried?

A man is a human being so by nature his going to have to cry. I respect a man’s weakness more than his strength. I personally don’t have any problem with crying I am very in touch with my emotional side.

What do you believe should be the man’s role at home?

A man should be able to engage in an honest and open conversation with his children.

“I will advise her to look for a man that will never make her think less of herself”

What advice would you give your future daughter when choosing a man?

I will advise her to look for a man that will never force her to give up something she loves, and never make her think less of herself just because she’s a woman.

What would be the one characteristic you would like to change in the Egyptian man?

Every Arab man should remove the concept of “Si Al Sayed” from his dictionary.

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