Tamer Amin’s Interview with Dr.Rania Elwani: Why is it hard to believe that a man should support his wife’s successes?

Unless you have been living under a rock since the 1990s, you must have heard of the many accomplishments of Egypt’s Golden Fish, Dr. Rania Elwani.

The forty one year old excels in pretty much everything she does. From being a gynecologist & Fertility specialist to being a former swimming champ and three time Olympian. Adding to her impressive achievements, she is also a member of Egyptian parliament and an Ahly club board member.

Rania recently appeared in a talk show with TV presenter Tamer Amin. Specifically, in a weekly segment called “Tamer w Hawaa (Eve)”. Tamer started listing the many responsibilities and accomplishments of Dr. Rania and then turns to the camera to direct comments at her husband and teasingly says that he wants to add fuel to the fire.

“What do you feel like when your wife has 48 gold medals, 50 silver medals, a certificate of appreciation and an international award, and all you did was win a game of Tawla on a café yesterday” Tamer said.

His comments were met by Rania trying to interrupt him saying that her husband always stood by her side for so many years and that he has accomplishments of his own.

She also pointed out that some men don’t “allow” their wives to work, but Tamer interrupted her saying that he is one of those men, she says “Exactly”.

When Tamer doesn’t stop, she asked Tamer to tone down the comments and with nervous laughter, said she might have to stay at her parents’ that night.

Because there had to be a comment about the gender roles in a situation where the interviewee is a successful career woman.

“While she is here doing the interview, you are at home making some tea and studying for the kids.” Tamer speaks to her husband.

He goes on to ask Rania what her husband does for a living and when she responds that he is an engineer , he said “That means he only does one job, and you work seven different jobs.

Directing all these comments at Rania and her husband, led her to tell him that he should cut to commercial more than 3 times and that her Husband is happy, so they should move on.

Ironically, this very episode starts off with Tamer saying that the purpose of the segment is to “playfully tease women” and proudly mentions that the segment is a fight between him and any female that appears on the show. He adds that he wonders why people accuse him of being sexist, since he actually respects women.

This interview, which originally aired in June was later re-shared on social media in late July by TV host Sherif Madkour supporting Rania.

Sherif took to his Facebook account to write that she is a pride to all Egyptians and to her husband and children.

Tamer Amin has been under fire on social media since the incident, but the comments and criticism did not stop him from continuing the show or stopping the very same segment.

This is not the first time, Tamer Amin stirred controversy with his views or comments about women. During the African Cup of Nations 2019, he mocked a model who accused four players from Egypt’s team of cyber sexual harassment and said: “She looks just like Mohamed Ramadan.”

In 2014, the TV host also blamed a girl who was exposed to a group sexual harassment incident in Cairo University, because of what she was wearing, as they were “revealing” clothes.

Interviewing a successful woman like Dr. Rania Elwani, who made many Egyptians proud, is a great opportunity for any interviewee. Women like Elwani,should be celebrated and interviewed on her achievements. Comparing her husband’s accomplishments to hers in a sarcastic manner, is belittling and offensive to both of them. It goes without saying that men who are secure with their masculinity and accomplishments, support their wives’ choices, no matter what.

Here’s to more success stories of Egyptian women and more interviews that shed light on the success and achievements of these girls and women, instead of questions about who makes tea in the house!

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