Take a break – Give yourself a treat!

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Nowadays with the rising phenomenon of equality between men and women, one could find that the number of women in the labor sector has been tremendously increasing. Working women are the ones, whom without realizing, find themselves trapped in the work load, in their eagerness to highly succeed, as well as in the cultural attitudes, that includes religious ones, which make them think that rewarding oneself seem bad. In other words they may feel that they do not have the right among all their responsibilities to treat themselves right. In fact, it is when life’s problems are getting on the top of them that it becomes particularly important to reward them selves. Indeed, the ability to give themselves treats and rewards is one of the basic strategies for improving mental fitness. This is true for two reasons. First they provide enjoyment and pleasure, which contribute to feeling good and confident. Second, they create the very best environment for helping one to change in the directions in which he wishes to change. On the other hand, if time is only filled with tasks and obligations, this will lead to cramping one’s ability to develop, and feeling more like a preparation for life than living life itself.  

However, when it comes to treating ourselves right, the trick lies in having developed the skill of knowing how to choose the treats that would best suit us. It may be difficult for us to add treats to our lives. Therefore it is suggested to start slowly. For example, one may need to ensure a treat once a week, then go on to have it daily. In addition to that, the most important is that any person should permit himself to have treats. After all, treats help in accomplishing more, as well as change in ways that are right for a person.  

In addition to the benefits that were mentioned earlier about treats, one may make use of treats to soften unpleasant tasks. For example, if a person finds it difficulty to accomplish an unpleasant task, one of the effective ways that he may refer to, could be giving him self a treat right after having accomplished his task. Doing so, he will be able to link the two, by seeing the treat as being a result of having had the courage to face this unpleasant task.  

In many cases rather than trying to come up with different ways to reward ourselves, we tend to think that punishment, as well as self criticism, tend to be the key that would drive us to take action. But instead, it makes it harder to change and to learn. People tend to ignore the principle that being kind to them selves makes it easier to change. However, one can not put years of conditioning behind him all at once. But by developing the habit of rewarding one self, one can gradually replace the automatic reflex of self criticism with one of valuing one self.

In fact, in order to develop an effective reward system it needs to include three main components. First, one needs to pick the treats that work best for one self.  One needs to think about things that one mostly enjoys, or finds them relaxing, ranging from small things as taking extra minutes in breakfast, and big things as taking a holiday.

Second, make your treat work to your advantage. This can be done by getting the treat at the right time. As we mentioned earlier, let it come right after accomplishing an unpleasant task to associate the two together. Treat yourself often, definitely anyone would benefit from a daily treat, small pleasures make life easier and more pleasurable. You may also enjoy saving up for a big treat, like a new piece of sports equipment. If so, give yourself tokens toward what you want. It is also a good idea to use a variety of treats, because if we treat ourselves with the same things each time, we risk of getting bored and so in this case treats would loose their power to encourage. It is also suggested to give one self a break, not doing one of your duties when you feel totally exhausted, may help in making you feel good, even though you are aware that you will have to get done with some time later. One could also turn routine pleasures into effective ones, doing the unpleasant task before the reward, will definitely be more effective, than having the treat first.

Third, one needs to avoid the punishment trap.  Some people tend to be too much devoted to others in that they are always ready to offer any help, or meet they  requests even if it is upon their expense. In deed, overburdening one self , meaning treating ourselves unfairly,  not only makes others feel guilty, but also by doing so one maybe building up resentment within himself, that can eventually lead to bursting into anger, or even depression.

So work hard to accept to treat yourself well, know the effective ways to make the best use of them, and hence seek the chance to enjoy your life to its utmost.

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