Summer House Decorating Essentials

You must be ready for the summer, but is your home? Before you put on your flip-flops and go to the beach, make sure you have a cosy place to come back to and freshen up your soul and feel relaxed. Simple updates are key to making your summer home prepared for an endless stream of visitors. Let me share with you some summer essentials that should be in your homes.

Colorful Accents and Textiles

It’s summer, and this is the perfect time to break out fresh color in your homes. To me, a summer home has to be fresh and inviting –and this can only be achieved if you create the perfect balance in the space. This balance can be achieved when you have harmony all over the house. In an all-white or neutral home, bright and bold accents can provide lots of color –while linking other decorative elements in the space. Consider adding bright-colored pillows, lighting pendants with colorful shades, table lamps with ropes, tropical/coastal beddings, rugs, or even colored placemats that can instantly infuse the summer look.

Add Some Sea-Inspired Art

Who said you have to lift a brush to have a colorful wall? Hanging art is the easiest way to introduce color, and transform your home. Large artwork will make a bold statement in your space –setting the tone, color palette and acting as a focal point. If you don’t want to put a lot of holes in the wall, an oversized striking piece can be enough.

Decorate with Plants and Add the Feel of Greens 

What better than bringing the outdoor indoors in a summer home? Having plants and greens all around makes your space so fresh, and creates a garden look indoors. To me, plants are a must-have in any space to add an organic appeal –and they’re the finishing touch to your decor. If you mix up a corner with groups of plants and succulents using various pots and vases –for example, terracotta and colorful pottery that compliment your existing accents– they will give that spot a lot of texture, and will create a natural look in your space. 

Go Simple with Furniture

For a summer home, there is no need to clutter furniture everywhere. Always try to keep it bright and simple. It’s very relaxing to keep the layout simple –less furniture and more space. Talking about fabric colors: I always prefer to keep the big furniture pieces in neutral tones (white, beige or grey), and decorate with color (pastels, coastal tones, and blues are definitely on top of the list).

Keep Your Home Prepared for Visitors and Sleepovers

Having guests over is always great if you are prepared. Otherwise, it will be stressful and you won’t enjoy seeing them as much as you should –and summer is all about gatherings and having your friends over. Always make sure your house is clean and ready for sleepovers. Strip the bed after a guest leaves and wash everything, making it ready for the next guests. Make sure you have extra towels –preferably a different color than the one you use with your own family– toiletries, extra bed sheets, and some board games to keep the kids busy.

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