Sufret Almarai: Bringing Families and Friends Together Once Again Around Dining Tables

Grandmothers’ Eid breakfast gatherings, Mama’s Ramadan specialties, or even your best friend’s secret family recipe, all those are examples of the kind of special bonding moments, the incredible stories, we all were fortunate to grow up with, where food was front and center, creating unforgettable moments with our loved ones for us to forever cherish…


We grew up appreciating food, because it brought us together around one table. For generations we have bonded this way, and Almarai is ensuring we continue to find comfort and love with our families around the dining table. This is why it came forward with the brilliant idea of Sufret Almarai, a platform dedicated solely to creating beautiful bonding moments among families and friends over good food.


Sufret Almarai aims to bring these authentic moments back; the number one dairy brand in Egypt will ensure families, friends and loved ones get together over good food, and even better memories.


Sufret Almarai is a cooking platform, where Almarai will share succulent recipes by their new brand ambassador Chef May Yacoubi, who will work her magic, using Almarai’s delicious products, to bring us the most delightful creations! This platform was launched with a big bang last Ramadan. And after the immense success, Almarai took it to the next level, bringing their brilliant ideas and delicious recipes together in the form of the Sufret Almarai platform.


With a myriad of recipes, Almarai hopes to bring back the good old times. Families and friends can get together, gather around the dining table, and experience Sufret Almarai in all its glory. Make sure to follow , check the succulent recipes and be inspired! Use Almarai’s delicious products to recreate these recipes and invite your favorite people over to a mouth-watering dinner full of innovative dishes from Almarai. And of course, make sure to show us your table and tag Sufret Almarai account for a chance to get featured!

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