Sud: All you can crave, all you can eat

Nothing is more enticing than an all you can eat open buffet except for an all you can eat seafood buffet. Now add to that a stunning Nile view and you have all the essential elements of good night out for dinner. Found in the strategically located Sofitel El Gezirah which nestles literally in the heart of the Nile River, Sud (French for South) is a destination for seafood lovers every Wednesday night.


The selection of food is wide and diverse. It covers everything from seafood soup, to salads, to shrimp cocktails, mains, desserts and even sushi. The open buffet is easy to navigate and takes you through an interesting assortment of new tastes. The salads include some unconventional albeit delicious inventions. One of our favorites was the salmon, zucchini and orange salad. The sushi station occupies an entire side of the buffet, which will indefinitely delight sushi addicts.And besides the usual nigiri and rolls that we have become accustomed to, other new delightful creations are introduced.


For the main, you can select from a variety of fresh fish, prawn and lobster and the chef will cook it for you on the spot. Last but not least, and with always a little space left for our sweet tooth, the dessert station did not disappoint. With everything in a mini almost bite size it was difficult to not over indulge on a little too much. Even the mini fruit glasses which are slightly larger in size to shot glasses seemed too appealing to pass over.


Overall, Sud is a place where you can enjoy a great seafood night, in a quiet atmosphere and wonderful river view at an all-inclusive price of LE295.

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