Stuffed Pigeon: Innovation and more

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We have seen many young Egyptian entrepreneurs come out with innovative ideas that become the talk of town. This young man, Mohamed Fouad, we’ve become truly inspired by. Mohamed Fouad, originally an architect, left the field because he had no space to innovate. He is now working as an associate creative director at an advertising agency.


Mohamed dreams big, but everybody starts somewhere and now he is starting to follow his dream through Stuffed Pigeon, a line of creative and fresh to the table products. Mohamed mentioned that he follows the Bauhaus School of architecture, which explains the clean cut and sharp feel to Stuffed Pigeon’s line.


Stuffed Pigeon features furniture and home accessory designs. Every single product is handmade by Mohamed himself; he does everything from painting to delivering the product. Mohamed is inspired by everything around him from old printer cartridges, plastic rollers to wood pieces. He also works it the other way around, where he starts by sketching a design, researching the perfect material for that kind of product and the right tools to use. Stuffed Pigeon does not mass produce, he makes only about 10 to 20 pieces maximum of each product but if a certain product is out of stock and more people demand it, he redesigns it.


Mohamed Fouad thinks he might find it an obstacle for people to adapt to his new style of design but he is hopeful because people already started to purchase his products. “My ultimate goal is to have a small studio where I can have a workshop area, a couple of coffee tables and people can come and see me work. Completing the scenery with some background music and maybe eventually people can come, use my tools and create stuff themselves,” he says. He also added that he would love to have DIY (Do it yourself) YouTube videos where he showcases a step-by-step process in making some of his designs.


You can order products from the Stuffed Pigeon line on the soon to be launched website:

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