Alyaa Gaber – Stuck in The Line of Fire

Alyaa Gaber Mohamed is a young Egyptian woman, whose fate had decided that she should witness a war when she least expected it. 

Alyaa, like many other Egyptians, went to work abroad. She was working at the Swiss Inn hotel in Yemen when the situation spiraled into what now seems to be a full-fledged war. Until now, she is still back in Yemen, and doesn’t know how long it’ll be before the Egyptian government sends for her and the other five Egyptians with her.

She recently made a Facebook post, including a picture of her carrying a shotgun. In the post, Alyaa spoke about how all other expats were sent for by their countries, even China, “Egypt is on the other side of the Red Sea, and they still haven’t sent anything. And our navy is here anyway in the sea”, Alyaa explained in her post.

She also said that they have lost power and the hotel is functioning on a generator. Once they are out of gas, all communication will be lost. Though in her posts she tries to speak lightly of her situation, the gravity of it is quite obvious.  

Those Egyptians went there to work. We can only hope they do not become collateral damage.

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