Step up 3D

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Walking out of Step up 3D you would be in the mood to just shake it like the dancers in the film, or wish to, at least. The film, mainly a hip-hop dance film didn’t fail to include several dances from allover the world. It had some great scenes of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, tango and a 50’s musical type of dance in the middle of New York’s street (which was actually a personal favourite). The dance scenes incorporated dazzling colors and light and in one scene they danced amid spurting water from the ground, which left the audience’s mouths agape. The last dancing scene received vehement applaud from the audience. Kind of shows how 3D films can make the viewer get caught up in the movie and forget that it’s only a screen and not a live performance.  The 3D element worked perfectly with the film, at some points, the dancers hands are stretched right in front of you.

 The film had the typical storyline of a Hollywood film, which includes a rivalry between two teams, a house at stake and a competition that offers a grand financial prize that would save the house. Luke (Rick Malambri) was on mission to get the best dancers in New York to join their dancing group, the pirates. Moose (Adam Sevani), a freshman at the NYU, entered their world after astounding people in the park by competing in dance with the pirates’ rival. With wide eyes he ventured into the world of the pirates, who lived in Luke’s parent’s house, which a very inviting place of dancers from all sort of places and backgrounds. The house itself had an interesting quirky touch, makes you feel at ease just seeing it. It also had a room filled of boom boxes, which was actually a quite pleasant image.

 The main character, Luke, though a struggling aspiring filmmaker, was very bland in his acting. Most of the time he wasn’t believable and his passion wasn’t really apparent. Even the film he was making, supposedly, a very moving one about dance, was in fact cheesy and kitschy. But Moose’s character surely made up for it. He was one of the best characters played in the film. He had an endearing quality and was the perfect awkward teen, who found solace in dance.


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