Start off your kid’s day with the delicious Breakfast Bird!

Art isn’t just for paint and coloring pencils, stimulating your child through being imaginative with food is a great way to boost their creativity.

2 waffles
1 kiwi
1 orange
1 banana
1 handful of blueberries
1 handful of cranberries

-Place one waffle on the plate. Cut the other waffle into a circle and place on top of the first waffle.
-Cut the banana into slices. Place two of the slices on top of the waffle circle as the bird’s eyes. Then place two blueberries on top of the banana slices to complete the eyes.
-Slice off a small amount of orange peel. Cut a small triangle out of the peel and place under the banana slices as a beak. Use the rest of the orange peel piece to make the bird’s feet.
-Slice the kiwi and the orange and cut the slices into small triangles. Arrange the kiwi, orange and banana in lines coming from the bottom waffle to represent the bird’s feathers.
-Decorate around the sides with blueberries and cranberries.
-Perfect to serve alongside a glass of milk to make sure that your kid gets all the nutrients they need!

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