Spread Your Wings for Girl Power!

Unicharm is a Japanese company with HQ based in Tokyo and offers a variety of hygienic products. Through the most advanced innovative technology and well known Japanese quality, Unicharm has been offering best customer satisfaction year after year which allowed it to attain No.1 market share in Japan as well as many countries in Asia.

The brand promise of Sofy is to help all ladies from all around the world to “Shine without a pause” as it supports girls to be themselves and stay positive even during their hard days.

Since Sofy has been the leader in a lot of countries, satisfying women all around the world, It was time for Egyptian women also to spread their wings and shine without a pause

Through a wide range of Maxi and Ultra “Soft & Secure” products that combine Soft cotton touch and superior absorbency. This combination offered only by Sofy will make ladies have a unique experience and be active like any normal day.

As we all know, that there are a lot of underprivileged young girls & women who find it hard to leave their homes during their hard days as they are not able to buy feminine napkins.

Believing that every lady has the right to shine and to treasure every minute, Sofy was available out there, as we took the initiative through our campaign “Spread you wings” and called to action for women empowerment.

Therefore, Sofy requested the capable young girls & women to post images of themselves and with the number of girls in the picture, Sofy would send free packs to other girls who are in need. The campaign was such a success with a lot of posts from influencers and 3.5 million fans interacted with the campaign’s idea.

Sofy will continue to support all Egyptian ladies and many campaigns will be planned ahead as our future plans aims to reach out to all Egyptian women, while bringing them full satisfaction and comfort, through our best Japanese quality as they deserve it.






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