Secret spots to enjoy this Summer if you are veiled!

A veiled woman has many hardships and difficulties to face during the summer season, the biggest of which being tolerating the heat with all the layers that they must wear to observe their veil and modesty. But this is definitely not the only hardship being faced during the sun and swimming season. The other major difficultly is that many clubs, restaurants and even certain compounds do not allow women to swim in the pool with a burkini, and other compounds may even restrict their entry all together!

That is why today we put together a list for you of all the places whether in Sahel or other parts of Egypt where as a veiled woman or even as a strong independent non-veiled female who wants a break from men, you can enjoy your summer.

La Femme and Eve Beaches are two great women-only locations found at Marina 5 on the North Coast. Although the current top-notch North Coast beaches and areas are in Sidi Abdel-Rahman, have no fear, Marina 5 for years was one of the most sought after beach spots and it is still not too far from Sidi Abdel-Rahman. Besides, the distance is worth it for the chance to chill out with your fellow ladies. Find out more about La Femme here, and Eve here.

La Femme Beach; Credits: La Femme Facebook Page

Back in Cairo in the fifth settlement, there is Solaris Ladies Community Club that provides in a ladies only community all what you could need: shopping, cafes, pools, and spa facilities, everything you need as a veiled woman but might miss out on elsewhere. Find out more here. 

Solaris Club; Credits:

Not only that, there is The Pool Club at The Gabriel Hotel in Heliopolis where they do special ladies night events. Although it is currently closed, it is re-opening very soon, so keep your eyes open for that! Find out more here.

The Pool Club; Credits The Pool Club Facebook Page

On the opposite side of our bustling city, there is Aqua Ladies Pool at Ruya Club in the 6th of October City district, giving you the perfect chance to chill out with friends without worrying about any restrictions. Find out more about Aqua Ladies here.

Aqua Ladies Pool; Credits: Aqua Ladies Pool Facebook Page

All of these are in addition to the regular events done in gyms, sporting and community clubs as well as dance studios such as Forever Young.

So now ladies you are no longer restricted to activities where you have to be all covered up, so go out and enjoy the summer in style with your closest girlfriends!

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