Spirit of Akhenaten Is a Story of a Great King with a Loving Message

Spirit of Akhenaten

Spirit of Akhenaten, directed by Dalia ElAbd and produced by Blessing films is a beautiful ode to a life of belief and passion; the life of the lost king Akhenaten. 


The Very Beginning

After working in corporate as a marketing manager for years, Dalia ElAbd found her true calling and created Spirit of Akhenaten. She wanted to bring his story to life. Consequently, she wanted to let the world know that he spent all his life searching for one thing; a connection. 

What the Film is About

Spirit of Akhenaten introduces the king in a new light, delving more into his passion and what he believed in. 


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The film shows how Akhenaten was ostracised for believing that there was one true God. Moreover, how he was pushed out of civilization and repeatedly erased from pharaonic history for his beliefs. Therefore, Akhenaten is painted in warm, sun-soaked light, as a dedicated husband and father who valued his faith. 

Akhenaten reappears later in the film, as a spirit, overlooking his son. The latter is believed to have been misused in his leadership role in order to erase any monotheistic values his father had instilled in pharaonic society. 


Many archeologists discuss the lack of noble interpretation of Akhenaten’s goals. Perhaps the most spiritual thing about the film is the intention and passion of the crew behind it. Dalia and the film crew speak of Akhenaten as a long-lost friend, who may have been the first of us that searched for something deeper in this life. 


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Akhenaten’s Great Hymn

To make it all the more moving, the film featured Akhenaten’s great Hymn, beautifully translated by Dalia ElAbd herself. Akhenaten’s hymn was a love letter to everything he believed in. It was a message to his God and a tribute to his newfound love for the world. 


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“When he became the king of Egypt, he started ruling from Thebes, but he had different ideas. Definitely, he was mighty and very successful. But he wasn’t satisfied, it wasn’t fulfilling for him. As a result, he abandoned Thebes. He headed towards the desert to connect with his one God. The way the world worked around him wasn’t as simple as he wanted it to be.” Said Dalia ElAbd 

“He was more into nature, into poetry, therefore he was an extraordinary Pharoah. For me, worldly pleasures no longer tempted him. He’s no longer after the power, no longer after the riches of the country. He valued the soul and the spirit so much. He was a true spiritual leader.” She continued

We can’t wait for the world to see Spirit of Akhenaten.

Thousands of years later, the world finally celebrates Akhenaten’s true self; a man with a message, a man with a soul, and a human who wants nothing but to find a connection. 

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