Sonbol’s Voyage at Hand at Sonbol City

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It all began in 1994 with an idea. Now Sonbol City has a fully equipped studio, two plateaus as well as professional actor’s changing facilities all on international standards.


The Wanis Resosrt, which currently offers 13 chalets for day use and overnights, are soon to be opened, surrounding a pool and a huge green grassy area where you can lounge in the sun and perfect your sun tan. More rooms are planned.  Wanis Resort offers a children’s playgroup, basketball court, tennis court, volley ball court and a mini football field, a Gym, horse riding stables, as well as a BBQ area around a small artificial lake. 


Wanis Resort also offers an open air theater that doubles as a skating rink. It is only 22 km away from the toll station.  It’s a great place to go if you want to get out of Cairo’s noise and pollution and would like to relax for the day and do not feel like driving too far.  “It’s amazingly quite and peaceful there, you feel like you’ve actually stepped out of Cairo for a while”, point out Heidi Belal, member of Sonbol City’s management. 


Wanis Resort will offer special women’s days, allowing women to strip down to their swimming suits and enjoy some private swimming. 


There is a museum, which is currently empty but hopes are high that it can be turned into a historical museum of famous Egyptian actors.  Soon to be built is the theater, which would be Mohamed Sobhy’s greatest love; a stage where he can perform his great plays.    


For more information and booking contact Heidi Belal on 010-1822223. 

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