Some of the best movies about womens struggles

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A film about six Lebanese women and their daily struggles. The film is visually captivating and discusses several issues such as loss, martial infidelity, pre-martial sex and lesbianism. It is melancholic but hopeful and expresses some deep feelings through great visuals. It was directed by Nadine Labaki, who also starred as the main role.

 Volver (Spain)

 Starring Penelope Cruz, this film is a very beautiful depiction of the relationships of women in one family. It tells the story of a mother, her daughter, her sister and their mother. Though the film contains both murder and rape, it was subtly executed, that it left out violence. 

 Buried Secrets (Tunisia)

 The story centers on a woman and her two daughters, who live in the underground servant’s quarter of a deserted mansion. The eldest, is the breadwinner of the family, while the younger one is confined within the shelters of her house and wants to break free. The film’s director Raja Amari visualized what oppression and abuse can lead to and how violent the human being’s urge for dignity and freedom can be.

Silences of the Palace (Tunisia)

 The debut film of Hend Sabry. Set at the end of the French colonial rule in the palace of a member of the Turkish ruling family of pre-independence Tunisia, the film sheds light on the oppression of servants in the palace, as well as the sexual abuse they receive, and relays the story of a daughter of a female servant Alia (Hend Sabry), who has a great voice and natural talent for music.

 Shirin (Iran)

 Can a silent face tell you a story about a life lived, past experiences and aches? This film gives its viewers a different angle on watching a film. The film is about the audience. Throughout the film the facial expressions and reactions of different women, who are watching a theatrical performance of Shirin and Khosrow, a Persian poem from the twelfth century, are captured on camera. 

 Ehki ya Shahrazade (Egypt)

 Several women’s issues are hit upon in this movie. Revolving around a T.V. show hosted by Heba (Mona Zaki) that discusses social issues, three women tell their stories. The stories all raise questions regarding sexual harassment, gender equality and deception.

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