Some Like it Rough

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From the outside you would never think that this couple was madly in love with each other. Marwa seemed to be overly concerned with being the one who wore the pants in the relationship and Melad seemed helpless. She decided where they dined, which parties they attended, whose company they kept and he only complied. At first it seemed to be working out quite fine for them except that Melad had gotten so used to suppressing his desires he hadn’t realized that he was on the verge of exploding.
It was one thing to make life easier for the woman you love but she consistently tossed his feelings aside and he was getting mad.

Then one fateful night Marwa went out on a tirade when he’d made a snide comment about what she was wearing before a night out on the town. He didn’t like men ogling her and she thought he was being childishly jealous. Her temper was explosive and she’d gotten so accustomed to getting her way that she let all hell loose thinking what was the worst thing that could happen. He’d probably just back down and make it up to her. What she hadn’t noticed this time around was the crazy look in his eyes or his clenching fists.

Melad had finally reached his boiling point. His patience had evaporated with the heat of her tone. And as if he’d become possessed by some evil force he felt himself raising his hand and coming down hard on her face screaming “Shut the fuck up!”

There was a long moment of silence, both equally shocked at what had just happened. His anger was still apparent and he was unmoved by her sobbing. And as unpredictable as the slap came her even less predictable reaction. She stopped crying, grabbed him and kissed him passionately. He’d been fuming but she had found herself turned on.

The incident is something they laugh about now but it was the start of a new pattern. Ms. Pants discovered that she liked it rough. Melad kept the pants for himself and now runs the show. She on the other hand seems quite smitten.

Like so many men out there Melad discovered that no woman was content with being the superior partner and that this role easily translated into a much steamier relationship in the bedroom. As he gained more confidence he got all the more rougher in bed and the results were astounding. She wanted him more, desired him more and sometimes even took the first step. 

And Marwa like so many of us women was just so terrified of being controlled by her partner that she actually missed out on the experience of being with a real man.. She might have been the stronger partner, usually getting her way, taking him for granted and rarely interested in his sexual advancements but there was no thrill to the relationship. As long as he continued to say the words ‘yes dear’ she found no problem coping with the monotony of their relationship and sex life. He was just the guy she bossed around and considered herself to be doing him a favor whenever she agreed to any intimate request.

She may not be Mrs. I-wear-the-pants anymore but she was clever enough not to give up all her power. She still tries to overtake him and he is smart enough to occasionally let her have her victories. According to him, there isn’t much thrill in trying to win over a doormat. He thrives in their little power struggles but at least he now knows when to put his foot down.

They were very much in love before the incident to start with but the level of passion has shot up ever since. Maybe roughing it up is the overlooked cure to spicing up a dull sex life. I honestly don’t know but all I know is that the number of couples I know who engage in ‘rough’ sex seem hooked. In comparison to others who only enjoy conventional love making, the hard core roughies seem overly enthusiastic to talk about and share their extreme fantasies.



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