Sohour from a Cart! Your Guide to the Best Foul Carts in Town


An old school Sohour is something we can all appreciate. When in doubt, go to a “popular” food cart; street food is always the best! We’ve asked around and gathered the most raved about food carts.


El Baghl

An oriental food cart placed in Al Sayeda Zeinab. It serves sandwiches, foul and falafel. It is also known for its delicious jam sandwiches and chicken pane. The cart delivers to Al Azhar, Wust El Balad, Garden City, Manial and Sayeda Zeinab and is open 24 hours!

Telephone: 0225316165


Hamada Sheraton

You can find this fries, foul and falafel cart in 41 Masr Lel Taamer, Anakara Street. Customers report that their foul with hummus is especially tasty. Hamada Sheraton, who now has a store, but still works out of the cart as well. It delivers to more than one location, including Heliopolis and Masaken Sheraton and is also open 24 hours

Telephone: 0222691794, 01025257984


Abo Lela

Abo Lela is located in Road 9 in Mokattam beside Cook Door. It serves desserts, coffee, and fresh juices. Abo Lela only offers its services in Mokattam, but their delicious Konbela Abu Leila (a delicious mixture of basbousa, kunafa, rozz be laban) and sugar cane juice has people driving to it from all over Cairo.


Foul Ma7roos

Foul Ma7roos, a cart in Dr Mohamed Fawzy St, Qasr al Nile, Garden City, with two tables and a chair in front of it, is wildly popular for their tasty foul, boiled eggs and sandwiches. Ma7rous is open from 3pm until 3am; enough time to get some of that delicious all-Egyptian food!

Telephone: 01093081079


Medhat in Maadi

Just like Ma7roos, Medhat is a cart that sells oriental food. However, Medhat’s location is 105 St. in Maadi and sells spectacular fool and falafel. Everyone recommends if you’re ever in Maadi, you must try some.




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