So Relaxing – The tension will melt off!

As women, we’re constantly running to catch an appointment, a deadline, or a crying child. Sometimes, the only proper treatment to this is a relaxing day at the spa.


We were pampered by none other than Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah’s So Spa. And we could not be happier with it! Our choice when looking at the Spa menu was the Cleopatra Bath, because who doesn’t want to bathe like royalty? It was well worth it. We went from tense shoulders and sore muscles, to walking on clouds within two hours.


First, started off with a nice relaxing Jacuzzi bath. The steaming hot bath was infused with oils, milk and flowers. Milk has always been known for its soothing, softening features. We found out that Cleo was totally right in choosing to bathe in milk, because the effect on our skin was something we instantly noticed. The flowers added a nice touch, the hot water releasing their delicious aroma.


Once done with the bath, half an hour later, we were already quite relaxed. There was still more, though. We were then given a great scrub, which also lasted for half an hour. Showering on daily basis is not enough to remove all the layers of dead skin. And this is when a scrub comes in handy. The scrub did not only help make us feel cleaner, but we also felt more soothed and relaxed thanks to it.


Now it was time to do one last thing, the massage. We received a full hour of one of the most delightful massage experiences we’ve ever had. This was the most perfect ending to the experience.


After two hours of pure bliss, we were ready to face the world. The friendly staff, elegant spa, peaceful surroundings, and wonderful treatment, had worked their magic.


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