Single in the City

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Yes, it’s summer again, its coming your way and there’s nothing you can do about it, its getting hotter by the minute and everyone around you is catching the summer fever already, talk about where we’re heading next weekend, I bought a new to die for bathing suit. And yet you can’t help feeling down and why’s that? You’re single, yes that’s right alone for the summer and maybe to make it even worse you’re stuck at work or you’re taking a summer course to finally graduate! So not only that you’re single but your going to be single in the city!

Ok so maybe that wasn’t the brightest introduction, but let’s just face it and get it over with, stalling wont do us any good here. Cuz we’re on a mission or at least we’ll attempt to be because when you come to think about it and narrow it down you have only got two options.

Option 1: ignore, live in denial and let it hit you early September that you’re summer has completely gone to waste.

Option 2: take matters into your own hand, make this a summer to remember and triumph over those two miserable months.

And of course there’s another way to look at it which is reading this article sighing and get into a depression frenzy and curse at the world for not understanding you or giving you a break, gain weight, let your hair grease, and take on flipping television channels as a main exercise.

For your own mental health and well-being, I’m guessing psychologists will suggest option no. 2. What was it again? Ah yes taking matters into my own hands! Sounds precise, accurate and quite complicated I know. But tell you what it’s totally applicable too. For starters you could start by meditating and looking at the big picture and actually accepting the fact that yes you’re single in the city and it’s 40 degrees! As soon as you get over your 15 minutes of mourning (no it shouldn’t take you more than that) get busy and get into gear cuz it’s going to be one awesome summer.

Remember that cupboard you always walk by give a disgusted look and  take a mental note to clean up, well its your lucky season cuz you’ve got all the time in the world to even give you’re whole room a complete makeover, tidy your cupboards hang your clothes separate winters from summer, and maybe giving away some of your old stuff and outfits you wouldn’t be caught dead in today oh god they are so last year, give it away to charity it will make you feel good and raise your self esteem, giving back to society always keeps your feet on the ground and gets you concerned with things bigger than your self for a change. Take on reading, that stack of books you’ve been collecting, choose a book, make your self a cup of coffee head to the balcony and read a few chapters, you’ll be relaxed and tanned at the end of the 3rd chapter! Start playing an instrument; indulge the rock star in you, yes you’ll be stuck in a class with ten 5 year old beginners, but who cares, look ahead when your totally rockin your guitar a month later. There’s also exercising something else other than your wrists from flipping channels all day, not the regular going to the gym boring routine that never works or keeps you exited for more than 2 weeks, maybe something more sexy like enrolling in a belly dancing class, you’ll lose the extra weight and learn a few new hot moves. Lose those extra kilos, dye your hair a new color, give it a hip cut and you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll. Wash your own car, wake up early on a Friday get a bucket of water soap or whatever they use on cars wear your most stoned jeans and lousiest t-shirt and go crazy on your car, wash it like there’s no tomorrow. There must be a plus side to it, seeing how guys fuss over washing their “baby”.

The point is that you take on new things, things maybe you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time or energy for. Things you’ve been putting off for ages. Or maybe just things you never imagined that you’d find the gut to do. Get started on them now, it doesn’t matter what it is whether learning a new language taking painting classes. Or joining a debate team, reading in a new field you’re completely ignorant about. So instead of staying at home feeling sorry for yourself all summer give this a shot, go wild and get busy, there wont be a better time to try and experience different things than now, cuz honestly what do you have better to do? And no being glued to your laptop uploading pictures on face book doesn’t count. And think about it you’ll have more interesting stories to tell your friends rather than the typical we went to the beach and came back from the beach. right? What’s important is that you start and make it a habit to do something different this summer something for you! And girls get original!

So lets now all take the summer alone oath, place your right hand on your right hip, raise your left hand to the sky and repeat after me: “ I promise to try new things this summer and not sit at home sulking on the coach” then just shake it sista!

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