Single Egyptian females in the summer- can it be more painful?

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That summer is the hardest time of the year for singles? Is it a myth? Sure, summer is the Love season indicated by the increasing amount of hooting cars on their way to weddings. Summer is the Love season indicated by the smell of jasmine in the air which I think is such an aphrodisiac. That summer is the Love season can be seen in the smooching of young couples, in the giggling of adolescent girls and the increased traffic of people attempting to change their bodies in one month at the gym.

Now, for the Cairene female’s what are our summer options?

If you are 21+ and a single female in Egypt- what are the summer options available to you? Well- ok- there is of course- the North Coast, Marina, Porto Marina…Agamy…..the beaches, the sun, the tanning, and the partying at night. Ok- let’s say you work- and don’t have the time to go to North Coast- what do you do in Cairo? Movies, the gym? City Stars? Hang out in café’s where you sit with your friends- and gossip about your not present friends, and watch the passer’s by………., clubbing at night? Go to Gezira Club in the afternoons? Fellucca rides?

There are many options in Cairo specifically, where the population is exploding- and new places, activities are being developed everyday- you definitely cannot be bored. The summer time also presents many opportunities for the single female to meet that special one.

Having said all that- the other side of the summer time, unfortunately poses a burden on the single female. The relaxed, lazy summer days are usually stacked with intense socialization activity among families and friends. This is usually a nice and positive thing about the summer time- unless you happen to be female and single and above the age of 25 and of course Egyptian.

For example- the family gatherings- especially the ones that include older women- you will be asked- any news soon? When are we going to celebrate your wedding? Don’t you think it’s time yet? Ok- is there anything coming on the way- no groom, no special relationship? Please do tell to make us all happy…..then some unkind relative, might actually drop the – “why aren’t you married yet?”question – which you have to still answer nicely to- and say it is naseeb- fate.

Nonetheless, this talk might hurt sometimes- but generally all the intentions are good- and after all- they are family, and wish for your good.

Moving on, summer usually comes along with many wedding invitations and sometimes engagements. Now that is a completely different story- where the same conversations are probably repeated and one is likely to hear the same comments- however this time -not necessarily from caring hearts. Again to culturally conform- we have to tolerate these conversations and continue be nice to those who interfere in our personal lives without any reason.

All that being sad- is really being above the age of 25 and single- really a problem? Should one be upset over it? Is it a reason for a women not to enjoy oneself?

Logically-  No, and not in the least, and for the following reasons:

First, one should believe in fate- and that all things will happen in due time- hence there is no reason to be upset about our destiny, and try to complain and mourn it. Acceptance of our fate is a good start to begin with. In the meantime- as per the Dixie Chick’s song” You can’t hurry love”

Secondly, being single, could be a better off situation than being unhappily married or separated.

The third reason would be the freedom in being single. The Greek word for a single girl is ‘eleutheri‘ sharing its root from the verb ‘to be free’. The freedom for one to do as they please without the need for permissions, demands or the needing to please someone.  In addition, there is that freedom from house chores, and cooking and cleaning for someone else other than oneself.

Another reason would be the increasing age of marriage in Egypt and in the Arab world as a whole. There are some estimates that the single female population in Egypt, above the age of 21 is around 16 million females.

Yes, that does not mean one should continue to be one of these single women, however one can use the single time well. The single female has relatively much more time at her hand in comparison to a married woman. This extra time, should be used to develop and improve onself, whether by joining a healthclub, learning something new, political particpation, charity work, reading, and basically doing all that one would like to do, and might not be able to do later once tied down with a husband or children.

Finally, by no means- should girls not hope for love and to wish to end their lives as single women. However, one should focus on the positive aspects of being single- and enjoy them, and not fall in the trap of self-pity and get mad at the prying questions- after all- we are in Egypt. So next time, you hear the cars hooting for a wedding- join the crowd and hoot yourself- and think- how that bride inside, although probably ecstatic and delirious she is getting married- she probably also has fears, concerns- and is extremely tense- and worried- that her whole life is changing. Point: enjoy your stable (possibly even boring) life, while it lasts- for you will remember these good old carefree days later.

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