Simply Home: A vibrant bedtime story

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Any place in which you spend significant time deserves to be filled with great design. Selecting the proper bedding is the key of finding comfort and deep sleep; based on this standard, Sally Rifky and May Raafat found that the bedroom is definitely the place to start. Both ladies graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and had made it clear that lots of creative designs could be made from 100% Egyptian cotton, in addition to their own creative design ingredients which include fabulous vibrant shades. We were curious about the project and here Sally Rifky reveals it all.

How did the idea come to light?

We both faced problems in finding nice bedding items when we were doing our bridal shopping. None of the local shops had we wanted, either the designs were totally outdated (that typical flower print) or very plain and unglamorous. So we started doing our own designs, matched sheets with bedding accessories for our own homes, until one day we decided to do venture in this business.

What are the materials used and who does the designs?

Our sheets are of 100% Egyptian cotton, sometimes we mix and match other fabrics like satin or chiffon for certain designs. Luckily, my partner and I have similar taste and ideas so our bedding range is always a duet creation.

How to make a bedroom look cozy?

The bedroom is the most important spot at home as it’s where you rest. Colors must be relevant to each other and I advise people to have neutral wall colors and all the color spread may be in the sheets and covers.

Is there a trend for bedcovers?

These days you can match bedcovers printed with stripped prints and flowers all at the same time. Light colors like orange and lime are mostly used for summer collections while colors like dark reds and olives are found in our winter collections.

Is there any kids’ line?

We try to come out with collections that appeal to every gender as we don’t limit the colors used for a baby girl or a baby boy we use unisex colors like yellow and green or violets and we take special orders.

What about bridal collections?

We design also bridal beddings as we use white satins and also we do lots of plissé covers that appeal to brides like border satin sheets. Some bridal clients seek special materials so we try to be flexible to suit every taste.

Do you think Egyptian housewives are regular updaters with bedding products?

Absolutely not! Housewives in Egypt are lazy home updaters but they are not to blame as the Egyptian bedding market lacks quality products. Nothing is better than Egyptian cotton but people here don’t know how to use it right. If housewives had access to various fine collections they’ll have a chance to update their homes.

What accessories integrate a home?

The curtains are number one. We design curtains and we have a diverse collection. Candles and photo frames are also nice home accessories. All sources of light are also very important. Accessories like wooden and bamboo trays and cutlery, tea bag boxes are also nice to have, we produce these upon special orders.

What’s most special about your own bedroom?

I don’t like using a certain color scheme. I have neutral wall colors and mix bedding colors and accessorize the room with a large painting above the bed, which makes the room look special and beautiful.

Simply Home’s showroom is located at 7th Nasr Street, Sheraton Heliopolis Buildings.

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