Signs Of Solidarity: The Global Community Stand With Palestine 

Our mornings are no longer filled with breakfast and coffee, they are filled with guilt and pain. Our car rides are no longer filled with joyous beats, they are filled with news about Gaza. Many of us are consumed with survivor’s guilt finding it hard to go about our daily lives. In fact, we feel completely helpless watching a genocide and the active ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Through the guilt, people across the world are trying to do their part to stand in solidarity with Palestine. While we stand behind recognizing our helplessness, we must each do our parts.

Solidarity Through Protests


The global community has seen the horrific crimes that the occupation has done to innocent civilians. The brave Palestinian journalists are covering the realities of the genocide and sharing it with the world. Across the world, people have taken to the streets to express their solidarity with Palestine. They are also pressuring their officials and representatives to call for an immediate ceasefire and let in Humanitarian Aid. Sadly, this is not without its repercussions. People are losing their jobs, scholarships, and freedom  for speaking out. But, this does not stop them. From the United States to Ireland to Iceland to the Arab region, people are changing in the streets “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” 

Solidarity Through Music 

Via Sound Cloud

“I’m returning, O’ my country, I am returning” 

Rajieen, We Are Returning in Arabic, is a song performed by 25 different young artists across the MENA region. These artists have a huge influence on the younger generation and have made a name for themselves on a global scale. From the very beginning of the song, it is incredibly heartbreaking with scenes of destruction in Gaza accompanied by the vocals of Saif Safadi, a Palestinian artist. It combines verses filled with agony with an empowering chorus. In the song, they raise questions about the discrimination, lack of empathy, and the powerlessness the younger generation feels. 

This generation of Arab artists is reclaiming their voices and shifting the narrative by telling their stories loud and proud.

Solidarity Through Art 

Via Maya Fidawi

Pain, grief, and solidarity are blending to create pieces of art to advocate for the Palestinian cause. Artists from around the world are doing their part by either speaking out fundraising, or creating art about Palestine. They are raising awareness through their art while using Palestinian symbols to avoid censorship across social media platforms. Documenting ongoing events through art humanizes their stories and makes it a personal experience for the audience.  

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