“She Feeds the World” Harvests its Success in Beni Sueif

She Feeds the World Beni Sueif

PepsiCo Egypt and Care International, as part of their “She Feeds the World” Program launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, continue to support and empower the rural Egyptian woman. On the 2nd of February, they made a field visit to Beni Sueif to commemorate the first potato harvest of the season.

The celebration was attended by Mr. Mohamed Shelbaya, Chairman of PepsiCo Egypt, Dr. Hazem Fahmy, Director of CARE International in Egypt, Dr. Atef El Shabrawi, Consultant to the Minister of Solidarity for Economic Empowerment and Supervisor of “Forsa” (Chance) Program, Dr. Mohamed Hany Ghoneim, Governor of Beni Sueif, Sarah Hannah, Head of Corporate Communications at PepsiCo Egypt, as well as actress Injy El-Mokaddem, Ambassador of “She Feeds the World” Program, among many others.


The attendees spoke of the success of the program and the farmers got to share their positive experience with it. The program provided farmers with technical support that enabled them to increase productivity. It also eased the communication channels between the producers and traders to optimize the whole process. As a result, the number of beneficiaries from the program exceeded expectations, reaching a total of 215 farmers of which 41 are female farmers. Dr. Atef El Shabrawi and Dr. Hazem Fahmy were very happy with the program’s outcomes and stressed on the importance of programs such as this, with Mr. Mohamed Shelbaya highlighting the importance of the private sector’s involvement in empowering women.

Attendees with a female farmer

Additionally, Mr. Mohamed Shelbaya pointed out the ability of over 90% of the farmers to increase the magnitude of their production by 40% after participating in the program. He also added:

“This season we were able to reach a total area of 213  acres of cultivated lands that produce potatoes, reaching nearly 1,200 tons, of which more than 90% was supplied to Chipsy Food Industries. All of that confirms PepsiCo’s vision to consolidate and develop its supply chains.”

Dr. Hazem Fahmy expressed his pride over the program’s results in Beni Sueif. He explained that 134 acres of cultivated land were being harvested that week, with another 79 acres to follow the following week. Moreover, he stated that 121 farmers increased their productions by 10 tons per acre as opposed to the normal 6 tons.

He also added that “She Feeds the World” Program’s vision of 2021 focuses on using the drip irrigation system in 9 acres in Minya as well as potato farming and harvesting in Beheira. This will benefit around 100 farmers by April. They’ll also distribute seeds and seedlings to participants in the Village Savings and Loans Association (around 1,000 women) and providing fertilizers and agricultural inputs to potato farming.

AttendeesPepsiCo Egypt (represented by Chipsy Food Industries) has the second largest potato production program at PepsiCo’s global level. It produces 100% locally sourced potato chips. Additionally, the program will contribute to the increase of the percentage of the sufficiency of locally sourced potato seeds for production from 65% to 80% by 2025.

Today, 44 rural community leaders are trained on 10 feeding sessions. Over 4,100 women are enrolled in village savings and loan groups. 315 farmers are receiving technical support to grow potatoes in Beni Sueif and Beheira. Water Conservation associations are formed and include 3210 farmers, 70 of whom are women. The total amount of funds is EGP 665,000.

All of this is thanks to “She Feeds the World” by PepsiCo Egypt and Care International, always empowering the Egyptian woman and contributing in the agricultural and economic growth of our country.

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