Sharmoofers new hit ZAMBA ticks all the right boxes!

Sharmoofers are here to tell a story; the story of breaking free, enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness. Zamba serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses; don’t let the mundanities of life get you down. Imagine this: you’re sitting on your desk in Smart Village on a Sunday morning, in agony over the fact that it’s the first work day after your last Summer weekend. It seems the hands of the clock are ticking slower than two turtles racing. You’re thinking to yourself “I would seriously rather be any place but here,” and in come Sharmoofers! They start breaking keyboards, tossing papers and wreaking havoc all around. You find yourself dancing to their funky beats, and so do your colleagues. Suddenly, before you know it, it’s a full-blown party — with confetti, tribal wear, and even a choreographed Zamba dance. You wish, right? Well, that’s basically the Zamba music video in a nutshell. The idea that every occasion is a party if you want it to be is the basis of the lyrics as well as the music video, and movement Sharmoofers are hoping to spark.

Sharmoofers and Sary Hany are leading a movement about being carefree and making the most out of bad situations. The concept is simple: the carefree musicians crash an office and turn a normal workday into a party.  The music video promises to be as authentic as possible, with Sharmoofers opting for a real office in Smart Village as opposed to building a set. Collaborating with the musical production extraordinaire Sary Hany yet again, the beats of this track alone are guaranteed to get you out of your funk. Here’s where it get really fun though: this is only the first step of the movement! Sharmoofers still have a few tricks up their sleeves, and they’re about to make living a Zamba life a trend. Watch what happens when Carousel not only manages the band, but also put their hands together to dabble in production a little:









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