Sharmoofers launch their first digital show in collaboration with Carousel

Media Powerhouse Carousel has just produced a new digital show “Anest We Sharmaft” featuring Egypt’s coolest band Sharmoofers.

Anest We Sharmaft are Facebook webisodes, where Bob and Moe interview Egypt’s sweethearts and the hottest single ladies and gentlemen in town. So far they have featured Dr Alfons, the guys behind Romanseya Manseya Yaya and Safi, Amir Eid from Cairokee and his lovely wife Layla, and the Disco Couple Mostafa and Yasmina from Disco Misr.

Still to come are some of our favorite opinion leaders and stars including Tamer Hashem, Malak El Ezzawy, Okka and May Kassab, Amr Wahba, Marwan Younis and Daliah Galal.

In the light-hearted episodes Bob and Moe get real with the guests as well as play some fun games with them as they reveal some of their biggest relationship secrets!

Everyone is probably wondering what/why/how Bob and Moe are hosting an internet short series about relationships. You will need to keep watching to find out.

Carousel and Sharmoofers are cooking up something epic and this show is just the beginning, they are trying to push the boundaries and change up the music and artist publicity game!

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