Sharing your Intimate Life: The Yays and Nays

Sex: a seductive word that’s necessarily accompanied by whispers, smiles, blushes and hushes. Who doesn’t like sex? Who doesn’t speak about sex?

Generally, men have a tendency towards keeping a low profile in their sexual ventures. They don’t kiss and tell, especially if it’s a serious relationship. Looking at the other party, girls don’t keep their lips sealed about their sex-capades. They announce it to almost their entire gang of girlfriends; they laugh about it, discuss details, and even change their Facebook status accordingly.

In our society, when girls get married, the first and probably the only thing they are haunted by are questions about their first night. “How was it? Did it hurt? Did you bleed?” Egyptians love those cheesy, spiced up stories of popping cherries. They fantasize about them. Mothers want to know if their daughters had a “blessed night”, and mothers in law take pride in the fact that their sons were “machos” in bed.

Regardless of all those opinions, there isn’t a rigid rule to be followed when it comes to sex talk among males and females. However, if you love to talk about sex, here are the Yays and Nays:

  • Yay to talking to your partner: It’s one fruitful talk when it’s with your partner. Share your turn ons/offs. Confide in them. Praise them. Reminisce about tiny details or erotic moves. It might seduce you to a rocking night.
  • Yay to talking to your inner circle: Being picky with whom you want to share arousing anecdotes is a must. You don’t want to run around bragging or blowing off steam about your sexual life with whoever you meet. This might also risk losing the trust of your partner. Sex is like your genitals, you don’t walk down the street exposing them.
  • Yay to talking to a sex therapist: If you have a problem about your sex life, seek professional help. Don’t ask people’s advice because everyone’s experience is different. We don’t all fish in the same pond.
  • Yay to sharing only if your partner is okay with it: It’s important to talk to your partner about your desire to share erotic privates with friends. If they agree to that, do it. If not, don’t. It’s reciprocal.
  • Nay to talking online: Don’t get caught up in the moment and rush to social media to share your unforgettable, silky night. It will only harm you and could cause you serious trouble, such as stalking.
  • Nay to talking to coworkers: It would jeopardize your professional reputation. You might get leaked by someone because you never know who would be listening. Work is not the right environment to talk about sex.
  • Nay to talking when you’re forced to: If you’re out with your chicas and one of you treaded on the taboo territory, don’t get tempted to spit it out. If you believe it’s private, keep it that way. No one wants to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing only to swim with the flow.

There is not a single path to follow when it comes to sex talk, but there is always a choice you make on which you base your decision to either talk or not. If you have a favorite position, if you like a certain move, if you’ve got a pet-peeve, share those. If you’re happy or unhappy, no one needs to know details, because you will only be the gossip of the group.



Sara Abdelaziz is a New York based writer and translator. Check out her Twitter account: @SforScorpio

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