Shama Says: “Maybe it’s time to tame the mind!”

Kundalini vegan yoga instructor definitely knows how to handle Ramadan the healthy
way! We talked to Shama Kaur to learn more about her advice for a health regimen and routine during Ramadan.

What are your favorite healthy alternatives to Ramadan guilty pleasures?

I would recommend making raw vegan desserts at home. There are things called energy bowls; you could make raw chocolate fudge, carrot cake and all kinds of delicious desserts. Make them at home and take them to gatherings in a small lunch box.

What is the best kind of exercise to do in Ramadan?

I would definitely say meditation. We spend the whole year working out the body, perhaps Ramadan is the time to tame the mind, since our food intake decreases.

What are your tips for staying hydrated during Ramadan?

Definitely reduce salt and sugar intake; the more you have them in your diet, the thirstier you will be. Secondly, during the time when you are not fasting, you need to drink a lot of water, but you don’t want to drink the whole bottle in one go. Instead, spread it over several hours. Another tip is watermelon with salt, because that increases electrolytes in the body, as well as cucumbers.

What are your eating habits like in Ramadan?

Personally, when I fast, I break my fast with watermelon and water, and after about two hours I have a meal. I am vegan so I usually have some baked vegetables, salad, maybe a grain like quinoa or rice, perhaps with something like beans or lentils. Maybe before I sleep, I might have a little bit of fruit; I don’t wake up for Sohour.

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