Seven Must-try Dishes on Casper and Gambini’s New Menu!

One of our most loved restaurants, Casper and Gambini has just had a menu-makeover and it is fabulous! *waving hands*

We’ve had the pleasure of being among the few people to get an exclusive tasting of the new menu’s star-items, and let’s just say we are definitely going to be dining there again.

For starters, a well-portioned-for-sharing basket of fried seafood goodies took us in and made us feel at home. Next, a large dish of Eggplant Parmesan; a baked heaven of sliced eggplant and melted parmesan crust sitting in a marinara sauce which we loved altogether, but thought it might’ve been even better if baked for longer.

An upgrade on the traditional Quinoa salad came in the form of a couscous salad; fresh mesclun mix, some artichokes, shrimps, tomatoes and veggies make this a healthy-eater’s choice. Sesame chicken salad also made its way into our hearts.

Seafood barley followed, which startled us at first, but the chef’s precise quantities of seafood and barley removed any doubts we had.

The perfectly cooked lasagna was our favorite dish, we ordered two and devoured them to the last bite. An all-time favorite, Salmon teriyaki, was cooked to perfection and the cherry on top was a butter glaze that made everything melt together.

We had promised to behave and skip dessert, but the tiramisu and the banana caramel came out looking more glorious than ever, so we just had to. Although our waistlines may be; but we’re not the least bit sorry.



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