Sepultura are Performing Live in Egypt! Here’s 5 Reasons why this is Great News

Sepultura are arguably Brazil’s biggest musical export. The heavy metal band, whose name is Portuguese for grave, started out in the mid-1980s by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera. The current lineup is Paulo Jr, Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green and Eloy Casagrande. Their concert in Egypt was organized by – and will feature – Nader Sadek, to whom we spoke about the exciting event! If you’re a metal fan, you already know all of this. If you aren’t, here are five reasons why you should brush up on your metal knowledge and get excited about Sepultura’s upcoming concert.

“Egyptians love art and are curious about it”, Nader Sadek

Egypt’s History with Metal

Egyptians have a long history with metal. On one hand, Egypt’s culture and history have inspired a lot of metal songs. And the genre itself has been influenced a lot by the mystical history of ancient Egypt. On the other hand, a huge number of Egyptians are passionate fans of metal music, “the fans are very passionate. They keep insisting that concerts get organized”, Nader says, “Egyptians love art and are curious about it”.


Expanding People’s Cultural Horizons

This is partially connected to the previous point. When people used to panic in the past whenever metal music was brought up, they did so because they didn’t know what the music was about. People are afraid of what they don’t know, and by bringing a popular metal band into the country and letting them perform, many Egyptians are being educated about a genre of music which they may have never listened to before.

“Many people travel to catch their favorite band’s concert, and Egypt can benefit from that.”

Giving Tourism a Push

Tourism hasn’t been doing very well in Egypt, understandably so. A concert like this will draw the attention of metal fans worldwide. Many people travel to catch their favorite band’s concert, and Egypt can benefit from that. Nader has even told us that many people are flying over to catch this Sepultura concert. And why not? We’ve got the weather, we’ve got the epic scenery, add some spectacular music and people are bound to show up. This is a surefire way to create job opportunities and bring in means of income for more Egyptians.


Art is Essential to our Mental Well-Being

Metal music – just like many other art forms – is known to be a great outlet for negative energy. Anyone who lives in Egypt knows that we of all people need to let off a lot of steam. If anything, we need more concerts like this!

“Egypt has a very strong, big, healthy metal scene that should be celebrated”, Nader Sadek

Bringing Egyptians Together

The metal scene in Egypt is very diverse. There are people from all over the country interested in attending the concert. Unlike the dedicated fans of many other genres, metal fans are extremely diverse. If you go to any metal concert, you will see all kinds of people, “you see many people from different social classes, from all over Egypt, buying tickets”, Nader says, “Egypt has a very strong, big, healthy metal scene that should be celebrated”. When different people are brought together, it’s always good for society as a whole, “the good thing is when all those people are in one place, it’s really healthy for our society”, Nader explains, “even if no tourists come, having a gathering with a different variety of people is healthy”, he concludes.



Update: the venue has been changed to Sheikh Zayed. Go to the event’s page for the full details.

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