Say Goodbye to breakage – not your hair!

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Thus, any problem that affects her hair has terrible consequences on the woman overall appearance. Hair fall is one of the most annoying obstacles to the beauty and the health of the hair. Several studies have found that a significant proportion of women complain from hair fall that is due to breakage and weak hair.


So what causes hair fall?


Hair fall is due to several reasons that vary from one person to another. Hair fall could be caused by:

• Hereditary factors.

• Natural factors: the weather the environment.

• An unhealthy diet that lacks necessary vitamin for healthy hair.

• Hair coloration, brushing and combing

• Hormonal trouble or anemia

• Excessive stress or other health problems


Hair Natural Defense System


Luckily, our hair is naturally quite strong. And this is thanks to its cross section. It starts with the cuticles, which form the first line of defence against damage like overlapping roof tiles they provide between 4 and 10 layers of protective Coating. Then, the inside of the hair shaft is made up of lots of little fibres bound together like rope. This gives hair its strength and makes it quite hard to break.


However, if the cuticle is damaged, chipped, or lifted off, and the many layers are worn away, the inside structure is left exposed and vulnerable. The inside fibres then fall apart and unravel. This can be at any point of the hair length, but if it starts at the end of the hair this causes a split end which, like a snagged jumper, starts to unravel further up the hair shaft, and the end result? Hair weakness and breakage.


Prevent Hair Fall


¨     But today, because of the exceptional advancements in the world of beauty science, many effective solutions are provided to prevent hair fall. Hair care starts with physical and mental health. Change your lifestyle, and make hair fall a story from the past through:


¨     Having a proper diet that contains proteins and vitamins that are essential for your hair such as calcium iron, zinc and Vitamin B


¨     Keeping away as much as possible from fatigue and stress (physical and psychological)


¨     Using an appropriate anti-hair fall shampoo and conditioner that contain strengthening ingredients that reduces breakage thus hair fall


¨     Washing your hair frequently with a gentle massage to the scalp


¨     Not using a brush that is rough on your hair


¨     Exposing hair to the sun and air, but moderately


¨     Reducing the use of hair dryer and other styling tools


¨     Reducing the usage of colorants or chemical products


¨     You’ve seen them everywhere!  In the tub, on the back of your shirt, on your brush, on the rug…Today, you must say goodbye to the hair-fall nightmare, and welcome a beautiful healthy hair!

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