Sawsan Badr Wears Her Grey Hair Proudly with a Full Glam Makeup Look by Mahmoud Rashad

The incredibly stunning shots that left Egyptians fascinated for months featuring the absolutely amazing Sawsan Badr embracing her grey hair and defined features to later be crowned as Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti by all her admirers. Originally created for the movie Awlad Rizk, the overwhelming positive feedback the beautiful actress and her crew got kept taking them from one adventure to another. “When we created the look and the picture went viral, it was shared over 900,000 times on Facebook alone. She liked it so she decided to keep it,” says the brilliant Make-up Artist behind the look, Mahmoud Rashad.

Inspired by actresses who do make up tutorials abroad; both Rashad and Sawsan decided to go through with the idea until the project expanded to cover 9 different countries from the Middle East. “It is very exciting and it’s never been done before in the Middle East, we are really looking forward to it” he says.

For Sawsan’s admirers, on the 19th of October, the long-awaited incarnation of Queen “Cleopatra” will take place in AUC’s theater, where the widely appreciated actress will portray different characters with the brush of Rashad, answer the audience’s questions, and reveal stories about her characters.

The duo has scheduled a tour of workshops and master classes around the Middle East’s biggest cities. Wait for them in Cairo, Alexandria, Marrakesh, Kuwait, Riyadh, Amman and Bahrain. Dates of each workshop will be announced soon so you can apply and join them on a journey of everlasting beauty.

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