Sara Romany “the digital industry in Egypt is led by women”

Social Media and PR expert extraordinaire, Managing Director of Mint & Co, and fabulous mother Sara Romany is a real-life inspiration. And as with all empowering female figures, we just had to talk to her! Here, we ask Sara all about Social Media, working with her husband, and raising compassionate children! 

What is your advice for women who want to get into the PR industry?

Apply to reputable digital agencies and try as much as you can to work on big accounts, as these are usually the ones where all the challenges and experiences are. So, don’t shy away from those.

How do you believe women can empower each other in the media and PR fields in Egypt?

Somehow the digital industry in Egypt is led by women. I know of so many companies headed by women. At Mint & Co we are 90% women, so I really believe in the power of women and that empowering each other every day is what gets us places and wins us pitches.

Do you believe mothers of boys have a responsibility to teach them to be kind and respectful towards women? If so, what is your approach in order to accomplish that?

I don’t believe the mother of “boys” has a different obligation than other mothers. I believe we have to teach our kids regardless of their gender to be good human beings, who are compassionate and respectful toward their family, friends, community and the earth.

Is it difficult partnering up with your husband and working as a team?

It works for us as we are both sensible people who are not much into fighting and drama. We also have different roles, so we don’t actually cross paths or bump heads over everyday happenings. On the other hand, it is amazing in the sense that you have a partner you trust has your best interests at heart. Also, it’s nice having my husband be understanding of my work conditions. I believe it makes us stronger as a couple.

Full disclosure, which is easier to handle, male or female clients, and why?

I don’t believe in preferring a certain gender over the other as a client, some of my best most loyal clients were women and some of the worst was, and the same for male clients.

Do you believe Social Media is playing a role in women empowerment or is it a double-edged sword?

Social Media is a reflection of society with the good, the bad and the ugly. So, for sure there have been some campaigns/platforms that really made an impact in the quest to empower women. But yet again, Social Media is used as a tool to abuse/control women every day.

Most Egyptian women have had to answer the question “Hanefra7 Biki Emta” before in reference to marriage, despite any accomplishments they may have already made, what would you say in response to that question?

I believe parents never have enough of their kids’ accomplishments and are desperately looking for their next win. And in this never-ending quest, they tend to overstep and over-ask of their kids. So, for me, even before graduation, the pressure was on to find the perfect companion. And even though I graduated with the highest GPA of my class, the pressure was always on to get onto bigger achievements, namely marriage. When I got accepted at the London School of Economics to do my Masters, rather than celebrating that, it was made to sound like yet another bump that would delay my main quest in life. Oh well, now I know it’s never-ending. After getting married, it was having a child. After getting the baby, it was moving to a bigger house. Now the pressure is yet again put on me to produce a second child. It’s just the way our parents are hardwired, I guess!

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