Which Sabe3 Gar Character Are You? Take The Quiz And Find Out Now!

1- You are attending a family and friends’ gathering on a typical friday, you are likely to be:

A) Texting on your phone and avoiding small talk.
B) Chatting with the old ladies and arguing with them about their old-fashioned habits.
C) Thinking when the food will be served.
D) Reminding yourself that you can’t stay out late because you have work in the morning.
E) Watching a football match on your phone.
F) Making up stories to make your kids/partner look good in front of others.
G) Wondering how much money they spent on this food feast and thinking that this was such an irrational idea.
H) Talking about abstract ideas that no one understands.

2- The family and friends decided to go on a trip together and you have just arrived at the hotel:

A) You are likely to have skipped the trip!
B) You are enjoying the good company and practicing your sense of humor.
C) You are thinking what sandwiches they have left from the road trip.
D) You are feeling embarrassed from your loud family and asking them to lower their voices.
E) You are the first to mess up the neat and clean hotel room.
F) You are too busy collecting the hotel shampoos and body lotions that are in the bathroom.
G) You are looking at the price list of the hotel snacks and whining about how overpriced they are.
H)You have already ignored everyone and went for a walk on your own by the sea to get inspired.

3- In the building where you live:

A) You offer help when people need it, but otherwise you mind your own business.
B) You think that traditional neighbor-duties are so old-fashioned.
C) You are always trying to invite yourself for lunch in any of your neighbors’ houses.
D) You hate it when neighbors invade your privacy.
E) You usually invite all your neighbors to watch a match or a round of playstation.
F) You are very intrusive, you like stronger ties. So you are likely to be gossiping about other people’s lives and at the same time sending out food to neighbors to prove you are a nice person.
G) You are reminding whoever is gossiping that it is wrong.
H) You are living in your own world, you probably don’t even remember the names of your neighbors.

4- When it comes to relationships..

A) You are constantly fighting with your partner because you are too stubborn.
B) Your mindset is different and you have not found the one that might impress you.
C) You are looking for a partner that knows how to cook because you love food so much.
D) You are very egoistic so you are never gonna show any person you like that you need him/her.
E) Your romantic dreamy nature clashes with reality and marriage-routine most of the time.
F) You are up for “Salonat” marriages because you think it is a rational choice.
G) You are thinking that the most important trait in a partner is to be respectable and to be able to secure a home.
H) You are possessive but self-focused at the same time, you take your partner for granted.

5- The most important thing in your life is:

A) Happiness
B) Finding your true self
C) Food
D) Independence
E) Love
F) Secure Economy
G) Reputation
H) Art


If it is mostly (A)s..


Your ideas and personal beliefs completely clash with society’s norms and tradition. You are a very moody person and you are having a hard time fitting in with people so you stop trying and you isolate yourself in your own comfort zone.

If it is mostly (B)s..


You are a very enthusiastic person, sometimes arrogant but always seeking change. Your ideas are loud, and you are highly against cliches. You feel that you were born to be different but you don’t know yet what you want to do with your life but you are just as young and confused as all people your age.

If it is mostly (C)s..


You take your food very seriously! Basically, you master making others pay for your bills and your main skill is to benefit from anyone and everyone, it is just your style of life!

If it is Mostly (D)s..


You are very career-focused, you want to build yourself up so you never have to depend on people. Your pride comes before anyone and you are not ready to talk about your emotions. You are hard to get when it comes to relationships and you don’t know how to express your feelings towards others.

If it is Mostly (E)s..


You are such a romantic dreamer but your needs clash with reality most of the time. The traditional responsibility package that comes with marriage depresses you. You hate routine in relationships so much that you are willing to do anything to break out of it. Stability is a question mark for you because you get bored very quickly.

If it is mostly (F)s..


You are the economist of the family, you are very rational in all of your choices and you barely make any decisions without calculating the cost and benefit first.

If it is mostly (G)s..


You got the spirit of a typical Egyptian mamma. You are always complaining about how others are not doing things your way but you are also very emotional and loving. Very simple gestures can  make you happy. You care a lot about reputation and how people see you, that is why sometimes you are likely to make up stories to boost your status.

If it is mostly (H)s..


You are the bohemian artist of the family. You are so obsessed with what you do that you forget to do any effort to communicate with others in the real world. You are dreamy and most of what you say is vague. You are probably late to all your meetings and you don’t like family gatherings or crowded places. You enjoy your own company.


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