RYM “I’ve always been inspired by women, and my mission now is to inspire women”

Rym Rim Fikri

RYM is a 22-year-old artist born in Casablanca. Music has always been a passion for RYM. However, she’s always been open to trying all sorts of things, including different artistic paths. As a singer, actress, and painter, RYM’s achievements span a variety of creative fields, which is only a testament to how her love for art shows in everything she does.  RYM’s breakout single “Stylo Warqa” sparked RYM’s professional musical career after its great success, with streams clocking nearly 2 million on Spotify.

We sat down with RYM to know her full story!

When did you start your journey with music? 

I began with a feature with Cravata (Salim Bennani) who gave me the opportunity to reach a bigger audience. Then I started to work with my manager Amine Elbied who helped me grow and I believe that we did a great job in a short time.

What does your creative process look like?

The first step of my typical creative process is the inspiration phase. It is where my best ideas are born. The second step is absorbing and processing.

RYM Rim fikri

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career and how did you overcome them?

Until now, I can say that there are some people in the music industry who will hate seeing you do great things or succeed. Bad people will fight to make you feel insecure. They will say bad things about you behind your back and smile in your face. They will not let you live in peace! I just keep ignoring and forging my personality through all the problems. 

What is the importance of having more female artists in the music industry?

The music industry isn’t easy (for anyone). The music industry has long been criticized for its lack of diversity and representation of women. That saddens me because women belong to all everywhere. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. They just have to give us the chance to exist, to express ourselves, and to add something new to the music industry, something different. 

I’ve always been inspired by women, and my mission now is to inspire women.

What inspires you and gives you motivation?

People who help the weak and the broken inspire me. People who have not only learned from their mistakes but have grown because of them inspire me. Nature, animals, and challenging moments inspire me to write, be, and give the best of me.

RYM Rim Fikri

Tell us about the value of Spotify’s EQUAL, especially in the Arab world?

My partnership with Spotify began when I released my first song ‘stylo warqa’. They always used to promote my songs from day one, they helped me a lot throughout my career and I’m glad to be part of Spotify equal. I’m proud to have my face on a billboard in times square. It’s a game changer for young Moroccan female talents. It gives me the strength to pursue my dream. 

What do you hope for your music to accomplish, for yourself or for others?

To be proud of myself, and to become a rainbow on someone’s cloudy day. I want to inspire others by becoming an example and sharing my thoughts and feelings.

What has been your favorite part of being a musician?

My favorite part is the Music itself and being able to transmit emotions through Music especially the Music I’ve written.

What goals or hopes do you have for the future?

Maintain good physical health, marriage, and family. I want to fully take care of my mom so that she can rest from work and life problems. 

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