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Hani Salama has tied the knot and is no longer among the bachelors in town. Salama married his college sweetheart Perihan Shawky with a lavish party at the JW Mariott attended by the stars and starlets of Egypt.


Karim Abdel Aziz and Heidi Sourrur gave their wedding vows at the Semiramis Intercontinental among family and friends. Abdel Aziz’s career is on its peak after his leading role in the box office hit "Wahed min Al Nas" (One of the people).


Khaled Abul Naga, the winner of Best Actor Award at the Alexandria Film Festival for his role in Love Game, had two movies screened in the official selection of the Cairo International Film Festival. A musical called "Mafeesh Gher Keda" (None but that) and his foreign movie "Civic Duty" directed by Canadian director Jeff Renfroe.

Nour and Sherif Mounir have begun shooting a new feature film directed by the promising newcomer Hatem Farid. The movie plot is a well-kept secret. The film also stars Heidi Karam, Mohamed Soliman and Mohamed Shouman. Watch out for its release!

TomKat finally got married after a long media chase and PR stunts. Now since all is over and they are finally married, hopefully Tom will not feel the need to jump on any talk-show couches and make a total goof out of himself. Best of luck!

The 30th Cairo Film Festival is over and one must say that Ezzat Abo Ouf did a great job as chairman of the festival. The Red Carpet Event was attended by Egypt‘s crème de la crème of the film industry as well as many foreign stars and filmmakers. Honorary president Omar El Sherif was a pleasure and added international glamour to the event.

Magda El Khatib has passed away. Early this month Magda El Khatib has been transferred to El Salam hospital in Maadi when her health condition worsened, experiencing kidney failure and difficulty in respiration. Magda has been on artificial respiration, until she passed away a week later. God rest her soul.

Hend Sabry admits engagement rumors to Mohamed Hefzy, young Egyptian scriptwriter. The couple plans to wed in Tunisia in the summer of 2007 in with a big ceremony with lots of family and friends. Congrats!

Ruby has finished filming her viedo clip titles "Meshet wara Ehsasi" (I followed my instinct) of course directed by Sherif Sabry. He says that Ruby’s dancing style in the video is totally different than any previous releases. She has been set on a fitness program for doing this clip. Aired exclusively on Melody TV.


Touching, dramatic, humorous and real film "THE PLACE I CALL HOME" for Egyptian director Tamer Ezzat was screened at the Dubai International Film Festival. The filmmaker uses a cinéma vérité style to capture the stories of four Egyptians who dream of leaving their country in search of a better life.

The Egyptian Actors league headed by Ashraf Zaki is expected to deliver its verdict on Dina, the dancer, who is facing charges for provoking the public and dancing in the street at the premiere of her film starring Saad El Saghir, Rico and Mohamed Ateya. Dina is reportedly paranoid that her every moment is being watched especially after her last "home video" scandal.




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