Rowayat for Everyone

The concept of a literary journal is not foreign to Egyptians, but much like all kinds of literature, it’s mostly in Arabic. What happens to Egyptian writers who write in English, then? That is what Rowayat is for.

Rowayat is an Egyptian literary journal written in English. Egyptian writers and literary enthusiasts in Egypt, UK, USA and Canada, can read and contribute to it. The journal includes fiction literature such as poetry and short stories. As well as non-fiction material such as reviews and interviews.

Last night, a celebration at Mashrabia Gallery took place. Rowayat celebrated its second and third editions, by having a book reading session. During this session May Elkheshen read from a flash fiction she had written for the second edition, Amira Awaad read a poem she had written for the same edition, and Rowayat Junior Editor Alaa Elbannan , who read a poem written by her for Rowayat Gemeza, the third edition of Rowayat, which was made specifically for children.

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