Rofayda: When Gynocology And Yoga Mix!

Rofayda is a health park that offers almost everything a new mother would want and need. They have a very large campus located in Sheikh Zayed – 6th of October city. “Rofayda” is named after the first nurse in the Arab world, that cared for people during the war, this beyond doubt gives you an image of what they aspire to be. After visiting Rofayda Health Park we realized it’s truly the place to be from mothers and mother to be.
They offer many services; a gynecologist, and pediatrician and surgeons plus many more that would take care of you from the day you decide to get pregnant till your baby grows up. Rofayda have a very well trained staff and their clinics and labs offer the latest technologies to provide you with the best care possible. Their attention to detail and the comfort of their patients is what makes them unique.

Even though Rofayda has only had their soft opening, there are numerous facilities available for you today. These facilities include Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Neurology, WHAM for Nutritional Dermatology, Roeya Centre for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Hepatology, as well as Ansary Laboratories. But there are yet a lot of other facilities and clinics such as the maternity and plastic surgery buildings as well as a pharmacy and blood bank, these will hopefully be available soon.

Talking about their future plans, they told us they would like to offer yoga classes for expecting mothers to help them go through a smoother pregnancy and to make delivery an easier process. Other than that, they would also like to put forward premarital sessions and Q&A, this is to prepare girls, make them more comfortable and give them all the information and tips that they need. These classes will be held at the on campus Academy.

We highly recommend this place, a consoling, helpful and friendly environment that will make the process much easier for you!

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