Revitalize Your Mind, Body & Soul At The AlUla Wellness Festival

If you are craving the ultimate rejuvenation experience, the AlUla Wellness Festival is the event to hit up. Coming back for its third edition, for 17 days, you’ll get to immerse yourself in restorative and holistic experiences offered by world-renowned yoga, meditation and art therapy instructors as well as wellness practitioners. The penultimate goal is for each guest to recharge their mind and body.

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Along with the much-needed dose of relaxation, the festival is bringing back the Five Senses Sanctuary, an event dedicated to healing the body, soul and mind. It is an integrated therapeutic experience that will include yoga, meditation, and breathing classes as well as discussion sessions, seminars and art and music performances.

In the workshop sessions, guests will immerse themselves in everything from art and music therapy to nature’s role in the healing process. Guests can also partake in the ultimate rejuvenation experience by trying out the deep tissue, neck, shoulder and foot massages on offer.

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Along with the Five Senses Sanctuary, the festival includes detox packages that combine spa, exercise and eating plans. Guests can go for the 3 or 5 day option depending on their preferences.

Knowing that the festival is being held at AlUla, a sanctuary of nature and tranquility, guests will also be able to embark on many other activities including a silent hike through the Hidden Valley. There’s also a unique heritage restoration experience where guests will get to learn to build houses using mud. They will get to restore a few of the iconic mudbrick houses and even learn about their heritage and history.

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For the nature lovers and advocates of sustainability, there are creative workshops that involve repurposing palm fronds to help create a dome at AlUla. Guests will also get to embark on an immersive educational session all about AlUla’s flora and fauna as well as try out eco-gardening by sowing their own seeds on its land.

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During the festival, there is something for everyone so be sure immerse yourself in much needed rejuvenation by journeying to AlUla from the 19th of October to the 5th of November.


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