Reverse Underdog Stories

80s Curse


Just like the inspiring, tear-jerking stories of people overcoming difficulties, there is the exact opposite of that. There are those who seemed to have had it all. Then, with one swift swing of fate’s merciless sword, it was all gone. After vigorous research we came to the conclusion that this was a regular occurrence in the 80s. Below are the stories of artists who fell from grace so hard, they face-planted.


Hossam Hosny
No, not Hassan Hosny – this man will never make it on this list. We’re talking about Hossam Hosny. Remember him? His songs included an inexplicable amount of clapping. And he always wore round sunglasses even when indoors. His enthusiasm for bright colored shirts is also a great trademark. If you still can’t remember him, the song Kol Elbanat Bet-hebbak will definitely ring a bell. His career didn’t slow down and fade out like some other celebrities, though. His just went to a complete halt. Suddenly, we stopped hearing about him. No new videos, albums or anything. What he has been doing seems to be just as important as fame and glory. The man went on to get a Masters in music! And rumor has it he’s working on a new album.

Ola and Sahar Ramy

The talented sisters made their first breakthrough in – you guessed it – the 80s. Both sisters started out as ballerinas. They climbed the entertainment ladder – slowly but surely – and went on to do commercials. The girls’ talents were discovered and they started appearing in films and television roles. Both of them were an Egyptian staple in plenty of 80s films. We can’t pinpoint the stage where this trend started to fade. Sahar and Ola Ramy simply made a very quiet exit. Why? No one knows for sure. They both still make some appearances, but they never reclaimed their 80s star status.


Do you remember 4M? Of course you do, 1980s generation. Naturally, nobody else does. This is because the band started out, made it big and quickly disappeared as many other 80s sensations did. The band was formed in 1979. The main components were Ezzat Abu Ouf’s keyboard skills, his sisters, and their huge shoulder-pads. 80s fashion disasters and mousse-filled hair aside, the band had a few catchy songs. The siblings’ laid-back, fun attitudes and good-looks also scored them big points. All good things come to an end, though. The band is seldom heard of these days.

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