Return Point

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Starring Nour and Sherif Mounir alongside Heidi Karam and Mohamed Soliman, I am sure that this feature film shall be a turning point for the careers of the whole cast. Nour gave an astonishingly matured performance surprising the audience with yet another unexpected role widening her repertoire. She plays the caring wife of Sherif Mounir, who loses his memory after an almost fatal car crash and there the story begins.
Bit by bit the jigsaw puzzle seems to fit the pieces together only to discover that there is much more to be revealed leading to an unexpected climax of the plot, which is topped off by a showdown of the protagonists, and only then the suspense wired audiences get to let out a sigh of awe and relief for finally learning about what really happened on the night of the accident.
Mohamed Shouman plays the role of a retired police man who works on what he made of bribery and paid favors and gets involved in the labyrinth of lies and deceit. With an excellent interpretation of the local version of the dirty cop Shouman find himself in midst this maze.
Hatem Farid proved excellently and vigorously that he has a clear and sharp vision and the ability to skillfully translate it into moving pictures that shall be a pride to Egyptian cinema, which had suffered decay for the past years, especially in the genre of criminal thrillers and suspense films. Farid conducted his cast and crew like a magician mastering his magic wand getting the best out of each person involved in creating this incredibly good motion picture. A breathtaking soundtrack and a very professional car explosion top it all off. Currently, Hatem Farid is about to finish his second film starring Basma and Mostafa Kamar, which is supposed to hit theatres coming summer. If it’s just half as good as his first timer then Farid is looking at an incredibly promising directing career.
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