Resisting the Clinically Dead Optimism

In times when resistance is translated into ‘Lie to yourself’ about the forthcomings, while most of us are scared, stiffly drinking their coffee with every front page headline of massacres, lies, false decisions, assaults, harassment and the likes take place on daily basis, you can’t help but wonder, what lies beneath for us? Should we run?

It’s bad, it’s getting horrific, and the worst is yet to come, but where to run to? That’s the question. Maybe it is not the time to run yet or even think of running. It is the time to try another form of resistance, which I’m sure we never tried before. Resist our very own demons. The demons that live by sucking out our hopes and dreams, the demons that tell us that our dreams are demolished and our future is doomed. Yes, our dreams that were made in 2002 won’t come true because now isn’t the time or place for them, but that doesn’t mean that our brains can’t create a whole list of new goals that can come to life.

We are a very selfish nation. If we weren’t, we could have called for change decades ago. We are our own problem. Our own disease. I’ll tell you astory, on domestic level, a small company called for change and asked all the employees to wash their mugs by themselves after giving a mark to each one’s mug so the company would know who left their dirty mug in the sink, you know what happened? Everyone washed their mug without complaining, but left their teaspoons unwashed in the sink, because no one would know who used them, as all the teaspoons look the same! Yes, that’s how we deal with ‘change’ it’s always an incomplete, a false one. Mass resistance won’t take place if the citizen doesn’t revolt against his or her own mistakes.

The whole world is smashed up! We shouldn’t let our demons make us think that we went to hell earlier than our time, because the truth is, hell came to the whole world. When we woke up one day to Assiut’s train accident, we cursed the government, the country and the people. We said that the country has turned into a monster that will eat us all up. Weeks later, we woke up to the Sandy Hook School massacre that took place in the U.S. Shit happens everywhere, children are taken as sex slaves in Northern Uganda and children are sent to jail in Egypt. To wrap it up, chaos rules the universe these days and running away from Egypt isn’t the perfect solution.

The trick here is mastering fear and not the absence of it. We are still physically alive, that means that there is still a chance to survive. This chance doesn’t depend on how much money we’ll make in the next phase because we won’t make any decent money. This chance doesn’t depend on how our dream project will come to life because the world doesn’t need it. It needs more;it needs change that benefits everyone. Enough selfishness.

So let’s think of other stuff we would like to do in this baffling life we are living. Let’s not make long-term plans, but make short-term ones so we can see a concrete outcome.

A cockroach can survive a nuclear explosion so I’m sure we are more likely to survive this year and by the way. I have a long list of New Year’s resolution and I will try hard to think that the number ‘13’ is just another two digit number.

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