Reem Osama: Doctor by Day, Furniture Painter by Night

Reem Osama

Reem Osama is the founder of ‘Reem Osama Art’, an online furniture store that sells uniquely quirky painted pieces.  She’s also a 36-year-old mother, Ophthalmologist, and painter.

Reem categorizes her various identities in 3 ways. Motherhood is her most rewarding job, Medicine and surgery are her official jobs, and painting is her true job. We talked to her to know all about her colorful life and furniture!

Reem graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University in 2008. She then acquired a master’s degree, a Ph.D., and a fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Reem specializes in Retinal surgery, one of the toughest sub-specialties. Though she excels in the medical field, she considers herself an artist to the core.

Wall Art
Wall Art

“It is how I’ve always identified. I feel most at home when I’m painting,”

Although Painting had always been a part of Reem’s life, she started painting on furniture in 2015.  

“I had just delivered my first baby and was quite overwhelmed by the challenges of early motherhood. I wanted to do something new and different. The idea of creating beautiful art on something that was also functional was very appealing at the time,” she said.

While it may seem like Reem’s love for art over-rides her love of medicine, that’s far from true.

“If I could turn back time I would choose medicine a hundred times over! Medicine is the most humane and real service one can provide. It is so bare and true, undecorated. It puts everything into perspective. Time, gratitude for one’s health, what really matters in the grand scheme of things,” she said.

As for art, Reem said she loved it since learned how to love. “There are no rules when it comes to art, just feelings, and endless possibilities,” she said.

“I’ve always believed that the more rules you break, the more interesting your art becomes.”

Reem recently launched a new line

“I want my pieces to be unique and have a core inspiration behind them, to be more like paintings rather than tedious furniture props.”

She only makes one of each of her pieces to keep them original.  Her inspirations are books, movie protagonists, or random thoughts. Recently, she started letting people choose their own inspirations for their pieces and would often take on entire rooms!

Painted Headboard by Reem Osama Art
Painted Headboard by Reem Osama Art

“I felt like I was creating magic for my clients! I could see it in their glee! I was creating something that was theirs alone, something highly tailored and customized,” she said.

Painted Desk by Reem Osama Art
Painted Desk by Reem Osama Art

“I believe this is what gives my line an edge, owning a piece of furniture that is all about you and no one else”

Reem Osama Art provides both ready-made pieces and customized pieces or rooms. 

Of course, one of the biggest challenges Reem faces is time.

 Sometimes I feel like I’m juggling too much for any sane human to handle. I’m a part-time doctor and artist and full-time mom and wife and I have a few other hobbies I’m quite fond of (figure skating for instance). I often wish I had a cloning machine to make copies of myself so I can fit everything onto my schedule!” she said.

On what advice she would give to people hesitant to pursue more than one career path, Reem Osama said

“Believe in your abilities, work sincerely for your goals, and leave the rest to God. You will get to places you never even believed existed”

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