Recycled Fashion Show

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Photographed by Basma Ashour

8 collections designed by 14 Designers

Artist ( Source of Inspiration) : Tapies

Designers: Walaa Ashraf & Enas Lotfy

Materials used are plastic bags Videotape radioactive and vinyl flooring and metal Alsoumil

Artist ( Source of Inspiration)  : Gaudi

Designers:  Mona Lotfy & Randa Haggag

Material used:  foam, ping pong balls, recycled paper, cds, wire, Plastic bags, stamping with potatoes and stencil painting.

 Note from Designers:

Gaudi was a very progressive artist, one of those who preceeded their time.  You look at his work at first glance and you cant but respect the person and be impressed but the art.  He was an engineer, designing creative ideas for buildings, parks and churches.  His style is very iconing using iron (fer-forge) and mosaic.  His works stand until today in Barcelona decorating their main stylish streets such as La Pedrerra on Avenue Diagonal.  He has created some the most famous touristic destinations in the city such as Park Guel.


Artist ( Source of Inspiration):  Salvador Dali

Designers: Perihan Abou Zied &  Hanaa Badr.


Note from Designers:

Dali was quite a challenging choice and to capture his spirit, from the elongated silhouettes which were reflected in high waist cuts to small details such as the lips, the butterflies, the round shapes and the clouds


Material used: Plastic egg trays and containers, A mosquito net, Wires, Paper, Ropes, Plastic bags, Old garments & Paint


Artist ( Source of Inspiration): Pablo Picasso

Designer: Reham Essam

Note from Designer:

Picasso is considered one of the most important and influential artists of the 20th century. He was the founder of the abstract movement and he co-created such styles as Cubism and Surrealism laying the foundations of modernism in the twentieth-century art and literature, The collection is inspired by the Cubist technique featuring modern styles, colorful shades and geometric figures.


Material used: Cartoon boxes, cartoon paper, old garments, paint, water bottles, plastic binders. Wooden frames & Gift wrappers.


Artist ( Source of Inspiration):  Saura

Designers: Eslam Hamed and Noha Adel

Note from Designers:

Saura is a surrealist contemporary artist. He uses different random concepts, his art was about self portraits, women, shrouds and crowds. he illustrated these elements in an imaginary dark paintings.

designers were inspired by his dark mysterious spirit , abstract paintings and random shapes , and its colours which mostly black and greys


Material used: metal stuff , keys , newspapers, chains, can openers, coins, old metal accessories, curtain loops, keys, painting ,denim ,car seats leather, clay and paper for accesories.


Artist ( Source of Inspiration): Velazquez

Designers:  Mai abdel magid and Sherine Abdel Rassoul


Material used: plastic bags, toilet rolls, water bottles, playing cards, bubble wrap & news papers.


Artist ( Source of Inspiration):  Francisco Goya

Designer: Noha Hesham

Note from Designer:

Goya was a Spanish Romantic painter and printmaker (30 March 1746 – 16 April 1828)

A court painter to the Spanish Crown and a chronicler of history. But After contracting cholera and a high fever in 1792, Goya was left deaf, and he became withdrawn and introspective. During the five years he spent recuperating, he read a great deal about the French Revolution and its philosophy. Which has affected his art a lot & he started making his aquatinted etchings that resulted were published in 1799 under the title Caprichos.

Simply my Idea was to work on his 2 lifetimes – the very romantic/ cheerful era & the very dark / full of sorrow era. Demonstrating the Romantic era with the white color & touches of roses, & the Dark era with Black color & shades of Gold

My idea about the materials was having a mix between fabrics & plastic bags- I mean between reality (resembled in fabrics) & imaginary/ unusable stuff (resembled in plastic bags).

 I did 4 designs – 2 white verses 2 black.

Artist ( Source of Inspiration):   Joan Miro

Designer: Salma El-Baradie & Sara Saed

Material used:  plastic rope, recycled clothes, plastic key chain, foam, newspaper paste, plastic pill packs, black garbage bag, plastic hose, and metal curtain rings.

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