Ramy Wahid…An unforeseen talent

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From the scenarists role in Maher Awad to the villain Serif Sobhy in Omar w Salam , his first start wasn’t from a long time ago but he proved himself and proved that he can play varied roles other than the villain.
First of all, when I was on my way to interview Ramy, I thought I was going to meet a very serious and practical man who will rarely laugh but what I found is one of the funniest personalities I’ve ever met
Ramy; let’s talk about your personal ID.
My name is Ramy Wahid, from Cairo but initially we are from El-mansoura, I’m an Aquarius born on April 17th. I graduated from faculty of tourism, Japanese Guide
And Ramy the personnel…
So determined, focus on details, romantic, so keen that his work will come out in its perfect shape.
What are your hobbies?
Playing football, gym workouts, added to Boxing especially after our new movie Helm El Omr
Your first start was in "El Banat" serial?
Yes, it was my first work for the television, it was for Nader Khalifa. This work was enriched with lots of famous actors, such as Dalia el-Behiry, Khaled Abou el-Naga, Omar el Hariry and Dalia Moustafa.
Tell us about Maher Awad in "El Cinderella"
It was one of the most important roles I made, as the journalist and scenarists Maher Awad, who was one of the biggest scenarists in Egypt. He was Souad Hosni’s fifth husband; he loved her so much, supported her and was a kind and loveable husband. It was a different role for me, as most of the roles that I acted before where villains so it was something different.
What was your first true step in the cinema?
I consider every role I played a true step in my carrier, but there are some turning points and the first one was in "Omar w Salma" with Tamer Housny, Ezzat AbouOuff and May Ezz-Eldin for the director Akram Fared.
I played the role of Sherif Sobhy, the appalling advertisement director, who wanted to get advantage of "Mays Hemdan". This role wasn’t easy because I had to be so evil and thank God I did it the way I wanted to.
Ramy Wahid, you had an experience with cinema, television and theater, what was the difference between the three experiences?
The differences are for example in theaters there are certain positions that I’ve to move within and because it’s regarded as a one shoot scene, it requires a great deal of concentration.
As for the cinema, there are 70 millions watching which makes it a huge responsibility. Especially that I myself used to view actors as my role models thus I copied their ways of talking, moving and handling situations, so I always keep that in mind when choosing my roles.
Your new movie "helm El Omr" tell us about it:
Helm el Omr is the most important step in my carrier path; it was a very big challenge to me. This movie directed by Wael Ehsan, this director really knows what he is doing, at first when we were talking about the script, he told me that this character is not easy as it contains a lot of contradictions but he gave me the space to deal with the character from my own point of view.
And because he insisted that we must act all fighting scenes ourselves, we received the boxing lessons by Captain Mohamed Reda who won the silver medal in Athens 2004.
So all fighting scenes were not acting?
No it was all real, that Hamada Helal fainted upon receiving a tough strike during the shoot.
Every actor needs to improve his talent, how do you improve yours?
I’m taking courses at the Opera House in all kinds of art, vocal, improvisation, movement and dancing. Everything that is related to art and can enrich my talents and skills
And after "Helm El Omr" what are Ramy Wahid Plans?
After helm El Omr I found myself in a very difficult situation, as I consider that this movie was a very successful one for me. Even though the role was so difficult, I can’t play or accept any other scripts unless it had the same standards or even better. Nowadays, I’m reading a lot of good scripts and hoping for God to guide me to the right path.
And what are your dreams?
I dream of participating in a group movie, such as Sahar El Lialy , Ahla El Awaat and lately Kabarih , also to play another role as good as Helm El Omr.
What about your personal life Ramy, haven’t you considered starting a family yet?
Right now I’m concentrating on improving my career and everything will come in its right time.
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