Ramsi Lehner: “After a 2 minute conversation, people assume I am Thaer Mokhtar.”

With Ramsi Lehner it is always hard to know what to expect, this Ramadan he is back in the “Al-Gamaa” series prepared to wow us all.

How did you prepare for your role “in Elgama3a” part 2 this Ramadan?
Since I play a real character, I had to do some research but there wasn’t much information so we built our own picture. I like to work from the outside in and given that major events don’t revolve around my character, this gave us some freedom to play.

Name three qualities you have in common with Hekayat Banat’s Thaer Mokhtar.
Hesitance with choices; carelessness to impress people with clothes; loyalty to friends.

Tell us an awkward situation that once happened with a fan.
I like to respond to my fans’ messages on social media, but sometimes after a two minutes’ conversation some of them would assume that I am just like Thaer Mokhtar from Hekayat Banat, disagreeing with that is quite disappointing for them.

What is food you can’t eat in public and why?
I try not to order Spaghetti because I don’t like eating it with a spoon and I don’t think Italians eat it with a spoon. Also chicken with bones because here in Egypt you can’t use your hands much in public.

What particular meal do you usually look forward to in Ramadan feasts?
Atayef, I love it.

Directing or Acting?
I have a burning desire to direct again so if I get two opportunities I would go for directing.

Theater or Television?

What is something only close friends know about you?
I am not the serious character everyone thinks I am, my friends know I can be immature and silly sometimes.

Are you the kind of person who always has the remote control and is in full control over what everyone else will watch?
Not really. I am very easy going.

What role would you like to play but haven’t yet?
Anything that puts me outside my comfort zone. I want to get into more physical roles that require costumes and maybe even makeup.

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